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Joining the #PUA chat channel on using the Java IRC client

Please note the #PUA Chat Channel is not directly affiliated with this web site.

The following instructions describe how to join the #PUA chat channel using the Java IRC client at

  1. To set up and register a nickname:
    Choose a nickname on the login screen for the Java applet. Click the "Connect" button.
    After logging in, if the server tells you that your chosen nick is already taken, you can choose another by typing "/nick YourNickname" into the message entry field of the chat window.
    Once you have a nickname you want to keep, type "/msg NickServ register YourPassword YourEmail".

    For regular*/mASF posters: Although you can choose any nickname not already taken on the IRC network, it's probably a good idea (if possible) to choose a username for yourself that matches the name you use on ASF so that people who are  new to ASF and then visit the chat channel will know to whom they speak, and also know from whom they are getting advice.

    Even after registering your nickname, it might still be used by others while you are offline, although they won't be able to identify themselves for OPs or other similar privileges. To prevent others from using your registered nickname, type "/msg NickServ set secure on".
  2. After the above nick registration step, the IRC system may e-mail you an authorization message which will have further instructions on how to complete youe nickname registration, if any additional steps are needed (usually not). Registration of your chosen nickname is not required but helps to assure that other users on the system can't register that nickname. Also, to have "OPs" (moderator status) in the #PUA channel, it's necessary to register your nickname and identify yourself when logging into the IRC system again (see below). Registering your nickname also comes in handy so others can't pose as you.
  3. Every time you log into the Java chat under your chosen nickname, type in "/msg NickServ identify YourPassword" which will authenticate you for any services (such as OPs) to which identification is required.

A regular weekly meeting time is being determined, possibly on Sundays.

For help, in general, about IRC, go to:

I personally don't know a lot about IRC, so if you're having trouble RTFM (link above), ask someone on #PUA for help, or do a Google or Yahoo search.  If you prefer, you can also use a normal IRC client, like mIRC, to log into the #PUA chat channel.

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