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Chat help

#PUA Chat Channel Help

General chat issues:

If the chat says you have been banned and you don't know why, here are a few possible reasons/solutions:

  1. You are on AOL. Because of the trolling nature of one user, there was no other way to keep him out but to ban all of AOL. If you are on AOL and you are not this person, simply type this in the chat window, where you would normally type your messages:

    /msg Ockwick I'm on AOL and I can't get in!

    or something similar. Other people you can try to message instead of Gunwitch (ie: /msg Gunwitch I'm on AOL and I can't get in!), Ockwick, LunarFault. Response might not be immediate, but Ockwick is regularly online and will eventually get your message.
  2. Temporary ban on your ISP. Possibly another annoying user, usually these bans are temporary. Use steps above.
  3. You're trying to impersonate another user. Stop it please, we don't like imposters.
  4. You're accessing chat from behind a proxy.  That is not currently allowed.  Access the chat directly.
  5. Any other reason. Just ask an op (Ockwick, et al) as above.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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