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#PUA Chat Channel Participation Rules

These rules have been established with the help of others by Formhandle, webmaster of  In order to participate in the chat channel, a few rules are expected to be followed.   Some are rules.  Some are guidelines.  They all exist to keep the chat positive, lively, useful, and friendly.  People who consistently go against these rules and disrupt the chat system for others will risk getting kicked.  For serious offences, banned.  If there is a moderator on chat and he informs you that you've broken a rule below (referring to it by # so you can refer to it yourself), you are expected to respect his notice and correct your disruptive behavior.  If you don't and, rather continue the behavior, you will be temporarily kicked off.  If you come on and repeat your behavior, you will continue to be kicked until such time that the moderator deems you consistently disruptive, after which you will be will be banned.

  • RULE 1: Use and respect the universal flame/argument/anger ender.

    If someone asks you to stop speaking to him or her or about him or her you are to oblige him or her within your 2nd next line typed. OR if someone asks you to leave him or her alone you are to leave him or her alone unless it is to offer an apology or is a later date. You are also not to talk about them to other people to incite a reaction from them. They are obligated to also observe the same silence to and about you. You can also ask someone to stop talking to, or about you, and expect him or her to follow the same code of conduct.
  • RULE 2: Occasionally, women will sit in on the chat for whatever reason.  Either because their curious or want to disrupt.  Just ignore them unless they are offering some useful discussion.  Don't try to "PU" chicks in the chatroom, either privately or out in the open.  That is LAME.  You'll just be branded as a clueless newbie and, if you persist, will get yourself kicked.
  • RULE 3: The chat is not a mobile phone, your keyboard has over 100 keys... use them.  No SMS language... that is irritating.
  • RULE 4: Excessive use of CAPS LOCK is distracting.  Don't do it.
  • RULE 5: Rude behavior is not acceptable.  Especially from moderators.  If you want to jab someone with a joke, fine.  But if they civilly indicate that they thought it was rude, that's your sign to cut it out.  Persisting in "kidding" with someone after they've already stated they felt your initial jabs(s) were rude is unfriendly behavior, unproductive, and distracting to others.  There is a clear difference between friendly joking and unnecessary rudeness.
  • RULE 6: Don't use dumb color scripts that flood the channel.
  • RULE 7: Talking should be done in English so all users can understand it (including moderators).  Non-English chats may be set up in the future, but for now chat should happen in English.
  • RULE 8: If you have a LEGIT issue with a moderator or other chat user, make a note of it in the channel to give them a chance to modify their behavior.  If they don't, then just ignore them as best you can.  If, even through ignoring them, they still disrupt your chat experience significantly (AND are wrong in doing so using these rules as a reference), then notify one of the live OPs (Operators / Moderators).   If the user you're having the issue with IS an OP, then e-mail me, Formhandle.  But PLEASE don't bother Formhandle unless it's a serious complaint and also don't bother Formhandle with problems like this if you don't have complete chat logs of the interaction.  Complete means complete, not just the one or two comments which hit your ego.  DO NOT ry to solve your chat issue by continuing behavior which is causing you issues... just stop, log, and if it continues then you have a valid complaint with logs you can send to Formhandle.  Everything else will be ignored and you will be presumed to just be making false complaints.
  • RULE 9: No sharing or communications of sharing or downloading any non-free (commercial or otherwise free but copyright-protected files) is allowed under any circumstances.  If you are found to be doing so, you will be banned from chat immediately.
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