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0 new messages  thread rating: +6  Sticky: Welcome to Masterminds   // by formhandle
  thread rating: +6  Some Bwasics00237TheCostOfSucc..  [more]
08/26/11 04:51pm
08/26/11 04:51pm
    Game is hard001738TheCostOfSucc..  [more]
07/02/11 02:43pm
07/02/11 03:00pm
  thread rating: +5  The most important aspect of pick up041913Viper  [more]
06/28/11 02:42am
07/23/11 04:09pm
    Lets Go Again!!! NO LIMITS!!!012411TheCostOfSucc..  [more]
05/02/11 05:43pm
05/04/11 12:55pm
    LR: HBHighScoolCrush021933A2daMIR  [more]
05/02/11 03:07pm
07/04/11 01:37pm
    Individual Needs And The Revelation011410TheCostOfSucc..  [more]
04/24/11 05:44pm
04/25/11 12:32am
  thread rating: +6  Having Provider Potential... In a Really BADASS Way083687Regal  [more]
02/25/11 04:41pm
04/06/11 03:13pm
  thread rating: +6  The #1 Reason Most Guys Don't Get Laid076047Regal  [more]
02/21/11 12:01pm
07/06/11 10:50pm
  thread rating: +6  How I Short-circuited My STRONG Tendency to Get One-itis0123393JohnnyC69  [more]
02/16/11 12:22am
04/10/11 11:50am
  thread rating: +6  100% Anal Method043713ijjjji  [more]
02/10/11 08:33am
02/16/11 07:11am
  thread rating: +6  Advanced Sexual Intuition093025Blackdragon  [more]
02/04/11 02:03am
06/19/11 04:31pm
  thread rating: +6  This Study Opened My Eyes - Great Insight064979Klutch  [more]
01/02/11 09:38pm
01/12/11 12:14am
  thread rating: +6  Why ? .. Stop it ..022686mankite  [more]
12/31/10 03:14pm
01/24/11 05:29pm
    Sales Job Helps Increase Ability to Talk and Approach Women001519Klutch  [more]
12/28/10 01:38pm
12/28/10 01:45pm
  thread rating: +6  Cumming In The Face of Purity02402760 years of c..  [more]
12/22/10 11:19am
12/28/10 05:19pm
  thread rating: +5  My Patterns of Success022452Tank_  [more]
12/19/10 04:54pm
01/29/11 08:02pm
    Pain / Pleasure Conv and..001354ijjjji  [more]
12/19/10 06:19am
12/19/10 06:19am
  thread rating: +6  Losing girl who liked you 1min ago002904ijjjji  [more]
12/17/10 10:06am
12/17/10 10:06am
  thread rating: +6  The Secret of Happiness With Women--Condensed073748Gibletpie  [more]
12/05/10 12:58pm
12/07/10 05:27am
  thread rating: +6  Controlled Hesitation, or Pausing033118killswitch  [more]
11/17/10 06:45am
11/28/10 06:33am
  thread rating: +5  She just wasnt sexual enough012052mankite  [more]
11/11/10 02:41am
11/15/10 10:41pm
  thread rating: +5  The only mind magic033322ijjjji  [more]
10/23/10 03:13am
10/27/10 04:29am
  thread rating: +6  Getting Rusty073140Hitori  [more]
10/06/10 08:44pm
07/23/11 05:19pm
  thread rating: +6  Absolute Abundance073520Regal  [more]
10/06/10 07:55am
10/30/10 02:19pm
  thread rating: +6  A Scientific Study of the Approach073527jetsetjim  [more]
10/04/10 11:55pm
10/23/10 12:34am
  thread rating: +3  Satisfaction022122TheCostOfSucc..  [more]
09/26/10 10:18am
09/28/10 06:55am
  thread rating: +5  Manhandle Kisses032455Regal  [more]
09/17/10 07:13am
06/28/11 11:14am
  thread rating: +6  AMOG - Thoughts Regarding022595Klutch  [more]
09/15/10 04:41pm
10/04/10 06:32am
  thread rating: +6  What romance is made of (comic), plus some thoughts011650ockwick  [more]
09/09/10 09:56am
09/09/10 10:03am
  thread rating: +6  GATA! My inner game in 4 letters. Revisited!!033924ijjjji  [more]
09/09/10 05:47am
09/27/10 09:58am
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