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PUA Training Become A Pick Up Artist

Seduce, Attract and Pick Up Women Like a true Pick-Up Artist Today!

Richard La Ruina AKA Gambler went from having no women to being one of the world's top PUAs and a true master of seduction! Now he can show you how to do the same!

Stand out from the Chumps!

99.9% of men are not like you. They will be the men that sleep with the average of 6 women in their life. They will be the 78% of people that are unsatisfied with their love lives. They think they need to work harder and make more money and the women will come later. Why later and not right NOW? They have not seen PUA Training.com (short for Pick Up Artist Training), and will not ever put in the small amount of directed effort it takes to be able to attract, pick up and seduce women, and have complete choice in your love life. You are different, you have made the first step to abundance and choice. You will stand out, and you will reap the benefits while they stay frustrated.

From Scarcity to Abundance

How would you like to be able to confidently approach and seduce women that you would consider "out of your league"? How would you like to be able to make these women attracted to you? How would you like to be able to use this kind of speed seduction every time you go out? This is a skill of the pick-up artist, and you can have it too.

Do you think that getting 20 numbers in a day is difficult? We'll show you how to do it! Do you think that kissing 5 girls in one night is difficult? We'll show you how to do it. Do you think that getting the hottest girl in the place to come home with you is difficult? We'll show you how to do it. Go from scarcity to abundance.


This is something they don't teach you at school. Psychologists and authors can't teach you because they don't get laid! But, there is a system that enables you to attract women and seduce women. There is a method that can be applied to any man. There is a learnable process that will make you more attractive, more confident, and give you all the pleasure you can handle.

Would you like to live like a rock star? Do you have beautiful women chasing after YOU, calling YOU, begging YOU to spend time with THEM? Would you like to be so different and so much better than most men that you stand out like a beacon and give off an energy that women find irresistible?

It's simple and complex at the same time. It's complex in that the ideas took tens of thousands of hours for us to develop and learn. It's complex in that it involves elements from fashion, to mental state, from how and when to touch, to how to tell if a woman is attracted to you. It is simple in that we can deliver the sum of this knowledge to you and give you the power to attract, pick-up and seduce women anytime you want.

What is PUA Training "System"

The System represents the evolution of the pick-up arts, a new frontier that for the first time builds on established principles and methods and adds in the latest cutting edge techniques. Five years in the making. Drawing on the entire Pick Up Artist / PUA universe of knowledge as well as body language, psychology, and the experience of talking to thousands of beautiful women, we deliver the first complete proven system for building a better you. Only a select few will learn these powerful techniques. Those that have are already seeing huge results.

We have beautiful women in our life, we have complete choice. If we are single, we know we can find a girl that night to get laid, and that we can find a quality girlfriend that meets all our criteria every few weeks. We can have multiple relationships at once, we can have lots of casual encounters, or we can find the special girl of our dreams. Our PUA Trainers all have different goals for their love lives - some want loving relationships and some want a different girl every night of the week. Whatever your goal for your love life, the foundation is that you must be able to attract women, seduce women, and keep them interested. Once you have this skill, you can apply it for any result you choose!

Imagine all this, and does it sound appealing? We'll make the rest easy for you. We offer a no-risk money back guarantee available any time until the beginning of the fifth hour of your training. Think about it, you can sign up now, talk to us on the phone, see the program we have developed, spend five hours with us and if for any reason you want to quit, you get 100% of your money back. That is how certain we are that we can blow your mind and improve your life. Our goal is to make you better, and if you don't think we can, we don't want to get paid. Try finding that offer anywhere else!


Date Event Location Spaces Book
13 - 14 Aug UK Bootcamp  London, UK LIMITED Details
19 - 21 Aug US Bootcamp  Miami, US LIMITED Details
27 - 28 Aug UK Bootcamp  London, UK LIMITED Details
02 - 04 Sep US Bootcamp  Los Angeles, US LIMITED Details
16 - 18 Sep US Bootcamp  Washington DC, US LIMITED Details
30 - 02 Oct US Bootcamp  New York City, US Available Details
14 - 16 Oct US Bootcamp  San Francisco, US LIMITED Details
28 - 30 Oct US Bootcamp  Austin, US Available Details
18 - 20 Nov US Bootcamp  Chicago, US LIMITED Details