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60 years of challenge
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First login: October, 07, 2005 02:26 PM

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 Subject:Cumming In The Face of Purity

Back in the day, women were something very special to us. The last good thing in this violent, screwed up world.

As kids, we eventually learned there was no Santa Claus. That one hurt. Then along the way we discovered our politicians were liars, corporations were corrupt and our sports heroes were actually cheaters.

Disappointment after disappointment.

But no matter how big the letdown, we still had women. That cute girl in our 6th period math class. So beautiful, innocent and and PURE. Put on this earth just to love us and tell us everything was going to be okay. To give us a hug when we needed it. Plus, we were told there was one for each of us. Our very own slave.

Of course, we tried to keep them down anyway we could. We claimed we were doing it for their safety, but we were really just scared if they got power she would leave us. We didn't want to give women the vote or a fair wage. We forced her to cover up and keep quiet.

Well take a look around and it's obvious today that women no longer want to be our saviors. To be our purity is this world of madness. Women want what men want. Hell, what we all want. Pleasure. Fun. To get really drunk. To sleep with a stranger. To make mistakes - lots of them. To be BAD. Really bad. Women don't care about our stupid little fantasy.

The truth is we didn't want you to be our equals because we never wanted you to be like us. You were different. You were special. And we were flawed. We were guilty. Sinners. So congratulations, you are now exactly like us. How's the view?

But you have to make peace with your ANGER. You need to forgive. It's time. Because after all, women are human beings just like us. We are all just trying our best on this big rock in the middle of space.

The deal had always been the fantasy for her comfort and convenience. Pure affection for your providing. But the world and the rules have changed. There are no more fantasies.

All that's left is the option to love yourself. And once you truly love yourself you will be able to be affectionate with women and not expect them to adhere to some unrealistic code of behavior.

I think 2 of the biggest issues men face in their relationships with women are neediness and unresolved anger.

It's clear the average guy is NEEDY for female affection while the wannabe "BAD BOY" (I don't need no fucking girlfriend) types are still ANGRY at women.

Can you release your ANGER and be affectionate again? And when you give her affection can you do so without being NEEDY?

When you can, you will have mastered the game.

Best Regards,

See The Book They Don't Want You to Read

Posted: 22 Dec 2010 11:19 AM
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First login: May, 16, 2002 05:01 AM

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 Subject:Re: Cumming In The Face of Purity

Good ideals! A detail, girls can never truly sink to the male level. They are the vessels that bring LIFE from one generation to the next, so they are HOLY no matter what.

Only justice, is that the moment they lose fertility, they sink to the very BOTTOM. No wonder they are in such a hurry to do everything (and everyone) while they still can.

(Im starting to doubt 'aging' is unavoidable though.. In such society, men would be far more enslaved than even today.)

Posted: 27 Dec 2010 03:43 PM
Originally Posted: 27 Dec 2010 03:41 PM
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Post de facto Copyright “Klutch ” w/rights assigned to Learn The Skills Corp & fastseduction.com (FS). Explicit permission & full agreement to the copyright notice on FS required for reproduction.
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First login: August, 12, 2007 10:44 PM

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 Subject:Re: Cumming In The Face of Purity

All women know how to fool a man. The way they do that is by playing the chastity card. Act like an innocent, young girl who's been waiting her whole life to meet a man like you. Nothing pulls at a man's heartstrings like the possibility of true love...so why not just make it seem like that? That's how women operate.

Wouldn't it be nice to have some virginal slave who would only fuck you, and love you forever? Of course it would, probably every guy would love that.

In fact, that's what gave a lot of guys motivation to get married in the beginning. Sex» was reserved for a virgin couple once they married.

These days - forget all that. Purity is fiction. You aren't going to find any girl who's innocent, and even if she was, she wouldn't wanna stay with you once you've busted a nut all over her chastity anyway.

If there is one thing that I hate it's when women do that. When they act innocent to try and rope you in.

When you look at evil in the world, you will notice that men are responsible for almost all violent crime, and acts of aggression. One could say that men could be held responsible for all the "harm" in this world.

Yet I'd say evil is equally divided between the sexes - everyone is human. Instead of killing people, women do it through lies, and emotional manipulation. Since that is so much more difficult to spot than the typical violent man, you can assume that evil female tendencies are spread among all of them to some degree - of course some more than others.

Since the beginning of time, women have been viewed by men as being an object of temptation. Since Even gave Adam the apple, women have been associated with a man's fall from grace. And yet, there is pervasive evidence to suggest truth in everyday life. Look at how many guys drop their friends and hobbies once they get involved with a girlfriend.

In the end, a man should never be oblivious to a woman's agenda. If she tells you that she loves you, then leaves you for another man 2 weeks later, that's life. That's how they act. Maybe there was a time in which men and women held a sentimental value to each other. Look at our parents/grandparents. But not anymore. These days everybody is replaceable. It's like ijjjji said, once a woman is incapable of reproducing, her value in society is virtually nil. As sad and cruel as that sounds, it is true.

These days and until further notice, I see no qualms with pursuing women for sexual purpose only. Monogamy is for fools only (if it's your first time in monogamy, naivity is forgivable).

It's funny how in high school, teachers and grown-ups would always warn the girls about the "players" - guys who will say anything to get a girl to have sex» with them. When you grow up being taught this, you are given the impression that sex» has a greater emotional impact on them than us. Truth is the opposite. When you break up with a woman, the clock will begin ticking on how much time it will take her to move on to someone else. You may still be thinking "I hope she's taking it well" by the time she's already sucking on the next dick. If anyone is going to be alone, chances are, it's gonna be you...and for much longer.

Posted: 28 Dec 2010 05:19 PM
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