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Player Guide: Good traits to have/develop to be a successful player

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Good traits to have/develop to be a successful player

According to some PUAs, women obviously want a man with these most important traits:

  • confidence
  • humour
  • smile
  • well groomed / good looks
  • ability to create an emotional connection / a feeling of romance

In addition to that, being a successful player includes:

  • being patient
  • being persistent
  • being comfortable just going up and talking to a new woman
  • finding opportunities in situations where you before did not believe there would be
  • being sensitive to how she feels/responds and modifying your approach accordingly
  • knowing how to talk to a woman to build more rapport with her
  • knowing how to talk to a woman to make her start thinking in romantic directions

Having mastered all of the above, these will add the final touch:

  • mirror her physically
  • notice her trance words, remember and use them
  • rephrase everything she says and feed it back to her
  • anchor all good feelings
  • don't argue with her, be very understanding, deeply understanding - this can help create an immense rapport
  • use presuppositions to direct her actions
  • have and keep good eye contact - also helps to create an immense rapport
  • touch her
  • and always start with the cutest girl around:)

ASF: "Remember, chit chatting about clubs and work school is something she can do with anyone, but someone who can lead her into a state of arousal or at least romantic interest is hard to come by. You have to set yourself apart from the other guys by minimising the small talk and asking questions which can lead her into a romantic state."

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