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Player Guide: Look and feel your best, all the time

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Look and feel your best, all the time

If you want to be able to talk to girls everywhere, you have to be primed at all times, in both the physical and emotional sense. That means looking as good as you can as often as possible. People meet each other in the strangest and most unexpected places. If you never never know when to look your best, looking your best at all times is the optimal default. Yes, some women like thick stubble on a man's face, or messy sweatshirts, or sloppy hair, but most women prefer a neat & clean look. That doesn't mean you have to shave twice a day and walk around in Armani suits all the time, just that you should take care to be clean, organized (yet casual) in your appearance, your clothes match, your hair is not a mess, and you're wearing a good pair of shoes (women like shoes - just accept it). Also, it means excercising regularly, eating healthier, and getting enough sleep. When you look your best, you feel your best and you need to feel great to properly do PUs. Feeling great adds to your confidence. When you have confidence, your rapport building skills with beautiful women will come more naturally.

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