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Player Guide: Buying her a drink

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Buying her a drink

I'll make it short: don't buy her a drink. Don't offer to buy her a drink neither agree to her demands ("I'm thirsty..", "Will you buy me a drink?" etc). Here's why - if you do, you supplicate. And women have nothing but scorn and disrespect for supplicating men. Let me give a few examples to illustrate this.

Her (thinking "Let's see if I can hook this sucker:)"): "Will you buy me a drink?"
You (thinking "Oh boy am I in luck, this woman must like me, she's asking me to buy her a drink:)"): "Sure!"
Her (thinking "Ha! Another supplicating male to buy me a drink just because I asked him. What a wimp. Do they really all think I'm gonna go in bed with them for a bottle of beer? Jeez… I'll take my drink and continue searching for a REAL MAN."): "Thanks! You're so sweet! Bye now!:)"
You (confused): "Hey… wait! Um…?"

So even if she stays for say five or ten minutes and has a nice little chit-chat with you - you started with a crash and burn, you've already been crossed out in her book of prospective partners because you SUPPLICATED!

Offering to buy her a drink is even worse. You are voluntarily becoming a supplicator. The women will either refuse the drink (they want nothing to do with a wimp like you), accept the drink and then ignore you (they still want nothing to do with a wimp like you, but they wanted the drink) or - the more sensitive women will accept the drink and even stay with you but all the while feeling uncomfortable about it ("I accepted the drink, so I guess I should stay for a while, it would be rude to leave. But he must be thinking now, that if I accepted the drink and am staying with him, then there's some more in this for him. But there isn't! He's a supplicator! I don't want him! I'll have got to try to make my exit the moment the situation presents itself!"). And if she feels uncomfortable about being with you, do you think you stand a chance with her? Of course, you can turn the situation around for you if you're REALLY GOOD - but why make life harder for yourself?

So what to actually do if she gives you a "Will you buy me a drink?". If she seems to be actually interested in you - you have been having a conversation for a while and she uses the "buy me a drink" to test you ("So does this guy like me enough to buy me a drink?") or she is approaching you with the intention getting to know to you and just happens to use the most popular AFC-line ("Can I buy you a drink?") reversed ("Will you buy me a drink?") to initiate a conversation - then explain to her, that it is not your principle to buy drinks to women, but she could buy YOU a drink:) An example:

Her: "Will you buy me drink?"
You: "No. But you can buy me a drink:)"
Her (thinking "Argh… Gmph… He didn't supplicate! Could this be… a real man!? What's this, I'm getting wet!?"): "Am… um… Yes!"

If however she seems to be cruising, fishing for drinks and doesn't seem to care the least bit about you, telling her "No" would mean she'd just move on without listening to you any further and getting her drink from some chump eventually anyway. So you need to stop her cold in her tracks:) Here's an example from ASF:

Her: "Will you buy me a drink?"
You: "Give me a French kiss."

NOTE that the tongue play must be an explicit part of the bargain up front. None of this peck on the lips BULLSHIT, because you are still supplicating if you settle for that. Here's the beautiful part: If she says no, now SHE is the person who said "no" in the situation, instead of you! You don't have to be the "jerk" for turning her down. If she says yes, tongue-action and kino right away. Then get her a drink as a reward:) Note that she will probably demure before caving in, this is your chance to show personality and be playful. Go GM and Mr. Smooth on her right away!

"You aren't uptight are you? Don't you go out to have fun? We're having fun!:)"
"You like cool guys don't you? :)"
"It's not hot sex or anything...just a little kiss!:)"

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