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Player Guide: The available chair approach

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The available chair approach

Anonymous contributor, mindlist: "You walk up to one or more women who are sitting at one of these outdoor cafe tables. Be sure you walk up to a group where there is a chair at their table that isn't being used. Maybe you should buy something at the cafe first, but that's probably not required.

You then smile and say, "Hello, I was wondering if this chair was being used by anybody / I was wondering... is this chair available?"

They'll say no / yes, the chair's available. They assume you need to borrow it for some table you'll be eating at.

So after they answer you, give a big smile and plop yourself down in the chair with a relieved sigh. Then maybe say something like, "Boy, it sure feel good to sit down for a second. By the way, my name's Ben, how do you do?""

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