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Player Guide: The cold approach

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The cold approach

Him: Hi, my name's Dave, what's yours?
Her: (typically) Griselda.
Him: Right, Griselda, now we're on first name terms, how about a fuck?

Delivered seriously, you'll get a "yes" and a fuck out of about only every 25th girl you approach this with. Yes, these are actual statistics - this was a description of one guy's style who indeed has a success rate of 1 in 25 times, but who (not surprisingly:) also gets slapped about a lot:) But modify this to the GM style - forestall any negative responses, be "just kidding", joking and humorous instead of being serious, get her to laugh, then continue with the remainder of the GM arsenal - and if you do it right, your success rate will skyrocket and you won't have to possess the reflexes of Thresh to avoid all the *SLAPS!* flying your way:)

David Off, ASF: "A friend of mine has a minimalist GM technique that seems to work. He simply grunts 'SEX' at women, that's it! Seems to work about 10% of the time... he rarely leaves a bar or party empty handed."

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