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Player Guide: The collision approach

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The collision approach

By Rod Munch, mindlist:

"Now here's what ya do... you see a good looking girl walking down the street from a distance. Work it out so you accidentally get right in front of her and you both have to come to a screeching halt. Then, when she sez, "Excuse me," or whatever, you say, "Oh, it's no problem. You would have stopped me in my tracks even if you weren't blocking my way!"

Here she can either laugh or move on w/o comment. If she moves on, she either has a dull wit or no sense of humor, and in either case I don't want anything to do with her. If she laughs, you hit her with Ross's line (and I will admit this is a damn good one), "You know, it's good that you laughed, cuz it shows your mine is sharp and you have a good sense of humor, and I wanted to see if you had more going for you than just your looks.""

Then of course you continue with anything else (offer to meet over coffee, #close, run pattern, anything).

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