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Player Guide: The dramatic approach

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The dramatic approach

The aim of the dramatic approach is to get her attention along with everyone else's that happen to be nearby, and then reveal to her, that the only reason you did what you did, was to get her attention. This could even come at the cost of making a fool out of yourself, but once she realises you did that on purpose, there's a good chance she'll dismiss it as you being simply "crazy" - which by the way is exactly the kind of man many girls like and want:)

(Examples taken from "Sweep women off their feet and into your bed" by ?):

Example 1

I was driving along when I saw this goddess waiting for the bus. I slammed the brakes, put my blinkers on, left the car in the middle of the street and quickly ran to her. The whole commotion got her attention but it wasn't complete until she realized that all this is for her. I simply went up to her and said:

"Has anyone ever told you that you are so beautiful that you can stop traffic? Because you just did. I never do anything like this, but I saw you from my car and I knew that if I don't do something I may never have the opportunity to find out the name of a girl so beautiful."

"I'm Michelle," she said. From that moment on she was already swept away knowing the length someone would go just to find out her name. Needless to say, I parked my car quickly, and went for a coffee with her where I had the opportunity to lay it on thick.

Example 2

Steve (changed the name to protect the not so innocent) was stopped at the red light when he saw her from his car. She was gorgeous. What an excellent opportunity to meet someone he thought.

He went around the block, parked his car and went right to that office where he saw the girl. He went inside and tripped on the carpet and fell like a ton of bricks right in front of this girl's desk. She didn't know how to react. She didn't know whether she should laugh or show concern for this poor guy. When Steve got up laughing she started laughing too. He then said with satisfaction in his face

"I knew you had a smile that could light up the room."

Then he turned around getting ready to leave, saying goodbye. The girl looked at him with a puzzled look on her face asking him

"Can I help you with anything? You must've been looking for something when you first came into the office."

"Not really" he replied, "I saw you from the street and thought you could use a laugh so I orchestrated this whole falling thing to see if I can make you smile. And just as I thought, you do have a smile that can light up the entire room. Sorry, I'm so rude I didn't even introduce myself. Hi my name is Steve."

"I'm Carrie."

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