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Player Guide: Mr. Smooth technique

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Mr. Smooth technique

This description is fitted for use with a wingman.

General rules:

  • Wherever you are, don't wait for more then three seconds to begin.
  • All the time have a game-show host mentality - act jolly, happy, goofy, "take it easy", be very open about what you are doing and very open about each consecutive action you have in mind, for every little success (holding hand, hand around her waist, a kiss) show explicit joy and do a high 5 with your wingman.
  • You might be ignored at first, the girls will try to hint the two of you better leave etc - that's common. But even if your getting the slightest response or feedback, even if negative, don't give up before trying at least five minutes (might seem like a monstrous amount of time, but its not, because you're HAVING FUN, and it is bound to stick to the girls as well, they'll start smiling and laughing eventually and that's what you're aiming for:)
  • The moment the girls are comfortable with you, you casually take both their hands like no big deal and hold them while still talking and joking your mouth away:)
  • The girls must be having a fun time with the two of you ALL THE TIME! If they're not smiling or laughing, make your act even more jolly (or stupid:). An unsmiling girl is not allowed when doing Mr Smooth:) Thus, no serious topics of discussion, forget all that "work/school/hobbies" BS. The discussion has to be extremely simple, even to the point of being childish, just as long as the smile doesn't disappear from the girls' faces:)
  • An exception to the rule above is when you are not explicitly interacting with the girls, like talking to some acquaintances of your that happened to pass by or even complete strangers. This time the fact that the girls are not having fun means, that they're not having fun because YOU are not paying any attention to them for a moment. Temporarily interacting with other people lets the girls feel, how dull and boring it actually is when you're not paying any attention to them - which will urge them to win back your attention and KEEP it:)
  • If the girls are leaving or going somewhere else, attach yourselves to them - they'll definitely feel awkward for a few moments in the beginning, but once you've gotten your act rolling, they won't want you to leave:)

The routine:

  1. Introduce your wingman (W)
  2. Praise and commend your W ("he's my best friend", "we've been best friends for years ", "he's a great guy", "captain of the football team" etc)
  3. "I'm sure we shall all become very good friends once we all get to know each other a little more/better"
  4. Never argue with the girl, not about anything, ever! Repeat 2. and 3. if necessary.
  5. Admire and praise the girl as if you're just forwarding, what your W thinks/said - speak in third person to say anything that's on your mind ("my friend thinks you have you have fantastic hair" - stroke her hair; "extremely feminine hands - take her hand, stroke it; "my friend thinks you are extremely sexy" - stroke her… um… well, use your better judgement:). Speaking in third person disarms her from any objections she might have to what is being said - she can't be mad at you because you're just forwarding what "your friend said to you earlier and is thinking now", but neither can she attack your friend, for he isn't really saying anything:)
  6. Every time you commend your W to the girl or the girl in third person - touch her arm, put your arm on her shoulder or around her waist and pull her (gently:) closer to your W.
  7. "He really likes you", take the hands of the girl and your W and join them. Do the same with "your" girl, she's probably just standing there laughing hysterically or with her eyes wide open and jaw dropped on the floor unable to believe what's happening right in front of her eyes, she won't have any capacity left to weigh whether she objects to your taking her hand or not:) Now that you and your wingman are both holding hands of your respective girls, its time for a high 5:)
  8. Repeat 2., 3. and 5.
  9. Take your W's and his girl's head and try to push them gently together. Alternatively: "He's OK / a pretty good looking guy, isn't he? (the girl agrees) Very good, let's play rock-paper-scissors:) The looser has to kiss the winner:)" The trick is, it doesn't matter in the least who wins or looses if a kiss has to take place in any case:)
  10. If the girl refuses to kiss. "He really likes you", point at your cheek - you just meant a kiss on the cheek:) Now it doesn't matter, who kisses whom on the cheek (its better if the girl initiates though:).
  11. Do the same with your girl. Alternatively - your W says: "Now that we've kissed, we want you do the same:)". Time for a high 5 after this:)
  12. Praise what just took place: "That felt / was really good / pleasant / fantastic, didn't / wasn't it?:)", "Its really good, that we get along with each other so well / that we are such good friends:)".
  13. "But it would be truly fantastic to kiss for real, now wouldn't it?:)" (figures:)
  14. Move closer to your girl, put hand around her waist.
  15. Repeat the gentle pushing together of heads - now with the overt purpose of a real kiss, repeat with your girl, high 5, praise what just took place:)
  16. To your W's girl "You've really made a fantastic choice with this guy, because he is (bla-bla, lots of positive stuff again)"
  17. "It really feels good to be with you, we are so glad that we happened to meet you and get to know to you. It would be really great, if we could talk to you again and get to know you even better". Time to collect their phone-numbers. Kiss-goodbye, this time make it really good, long and intimate. "We have to move on:)". Wait no more than 3 seconds (ok, maybe 10 seconds max) to engage another pair, don't worry even if the previous girls are still around and could see you. Don't however forget to capitalise on the girls that turn out to be fairly "ready", as in "ready for it anything":) Suggest a change of venue: "Hey, W, is that offer of yours to drink that fine wine / champagne of yours still standing?". W: "Sure!". You: "Hey girls, wanna come along, he lives just around the corner and has an excellent stock of wine / champagne / cigars:)"

Mr Shack technique - a simpler technique of implementing Mr Smooth, foregoing the gameshow host style and your friend standing there like a dork who seemingly can't speak or act for himself;) and stressing the "wow my friend is really a great guy!" aspect. By Johnny Shack (

"You should get together with a couple of mates and set out a schedule. It will state that each of you are responsible for getting a certain amount of dates for the guys in the programme each month. Let's say it is only 2 dates per month you need to organise. You will all now have a busy date schedule on top of what you are already doing and this will start an exciting time in your life. This can also give you the skills you need to get your own dating happening. The practise you will be getting will be invaluable because you are learning what works and what doesn't with approaching women.

You will need to approach girls you don't know and talk about your friend. If she says no it won't hurt your ego because she is saying no about your friend. All you have to say is this: "Hi, my name is Joe and I noticed you about 5 minutes ago. It might seem a little strange me coming and introducing myself like this but don't panic". Have a bit of a laugh here and she probably will to. It'll break up the intensity and things always flow better when you relax the girl.

"I'm actually speaking to you because a friend of mine has just broken up with his girlfriend and he's a bit down." Always give the impression you [or in this case - your friend] have just broken up with a girl. Women automatically think there must be something wrong with you if you haven't got a girlfriend. So always use this line and you will notice a huge difference.

"I told him he should do something a little crazy and let me organise a blind date for him. Anyway thats why I'm talking with you now. He's a great guy and very good looking." It is important to mention that your friend is a great guy and very good looking. Even if he isn't she will hope it is true. Create a picture in her mind. Remember: fantasy is what is needed to start the fire which may burn for a lifetime. Women love fantasy.

"How about you give me your phone number and I'll tell him to call you and if you like each other you can go out"? Now if she says you should give your friends number to her and she will call him you say: "Yeah that sounds okay but I know he has to go away with work sometime shortly and it might be better if I gave your number to him. Is that okay?" This is about the best line to say here when they pull this line on you. When you say your friend has to go away for work it makes him sound successful and chicks love that. When you end it with: "Is that okay?" she will think you are not being too pushy and she will be guided by your assumption that your friend and her will at least speak on the phone. You are creating an impression that it's just a matter of who will call who. If however they persist with wanting to call your friend instead of him calling her then just give her his number and tell her a couple of good things about your friend. Not too much or it will sound desperate but enough to get her juices flowing.

Note: you must always try and help your friends with dates. Sometimes it reverses and you will end up with the girl. The more you land for friends the more chance there is of a friend going out of their way to help you. It's also a grouse buzz to get your mate laid. You sort of feel part of it as though you were getting laid yourself and your mate will be very happy."

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