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Player Guide: Palm-reading - why should you use it?

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Palm-reading - why should you use it?

Many aspects of predicting the future and fortune-telling are very pattern-like - they rely on creating states, leading the imagination etc. Learn what the various lines in people's palms are supposed to mean and you'll never run out of mesmerising things to say to her:) Besides, doing a palm-reading routine to a girl somewhere in public has an added bonus of a possibility of also other girls in the vicinity getting in line to extend their soft hands for you to touch and "examine":)

Palm-reading (aka palmistry) can also combine patterns and kino into one truly powerful strategy. ASF: "Run the palm reader routine (you don't need to know fuck all about it). Get hold, comment on soft skin/read palm (saying stuff like you can see she's a very highly sexed, physically responsive woman - blah, blah, and really laying it on thick - with embedded commands etc. if you like). Don't let go of her hand while you're doing this, keep looking deep into her eyes then start kissing the hand & telling her some shit about 'people may know each others' mind, but they don't really know each other until their bodies get to know each other." So ok, maybe this example from ASF moved a bit too fast, but you get the general idea:) Just watch her reactions and respond accordingly. If all signs indicate that you could get away with an "until their bodies get to know each other"-line, then use it:)

Here's an example of transitioning to palm-reading taken from "Eliciting values - the questions":

""How do your friends describe you?" Use this both for value-eliciting and as prep info for palm-reading, after which you can say "Let me see whether you actually are like that as well" and transition to palm-reading.""

It is however good to know a few things about palmistry beforehand, for it will be far easier to "predict her future" and "look into her past" this way:) Plus your being able to show her how you draw your conclusions adds "credibility" to what you're saying:) The next few articles will explain the main lines in the hand and how to read them.

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