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Player Guide: Reading the line of Fate

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Reading the line of Fate

The line of fate

by Angela M. Mattey

Line of Saturn = line of Fate

(A.) Marks the normal flow of this line and shows a full line of Saturn. This is universally seen as a good sign. It is representative of a good strong career in life and good strength of ingenuity to make things happen along the way. When there are breaks in this line, it shows when there are career changes and possible geographic changes. I always check out the life line to see if it shows any marks of change at about the same age. When considering age on this line it is said that birth is at the base of the palm and life flows on up the palm to end under the finger of Saturn. Teachers say that when considering age, it is best to think of where this line crosses over the head line to be about the age of 35 years. (C.) Shows a much shorter line of Saturn rising from the base of the palm and ending about at the head line. This demonstrates that a person's family may have given them support to be strongly focused in their early life, but as they age and go past the head line (35 yrs.. old) they seem to need the support of others to succeed or sometimes need help just to remain focused in order to truly follow through on their goals in life. However, I have seen the line of Saturn end at the headline as in C. in order to show that the person has been influenced by their family in a strong way, but as they get to about 35 yrs. of age they strike out on their own to do well. (B.) Shows a line of Saturn traveling from over towards the lunar or little finger side of the hand - starting on the mount of the moon - vertically traveling towards its ending under the first finger - the finger of Jupiter. This shows that with the help of others this person will achieve success and possibly fame in this lifetime. This line ending under Jupiter is seen in palms of, politicians, rock stars and famous athletes."

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