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Player Guide: Reading the line of Heart

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Reading the line of Heart

The major lines of the hand

by Rita Robinson

"The Line of Heart is the uppermost deep groove in the top portion of palm running beneath the fingers. It tells the way an individual relates to others through friendships and loves, and why. It reveals the emotional and spirtual attitude of People, and tells how they feel toward themselves, because of their outward attitudes. The line at its best should be clear and deep, but not more outstanding than the line just below it--the Line of Head. When both of these lines are about the same in depth and color, it shows a balance between the head and heart. When one is far deeper, and more evident than the other, it indicates either that a person is ruled by his or her heart, or by his or her head. When it sits high on the palm, the person makes good, loving choices. Farther down, and closer to the Line of Head, it can indicate childhood problems leading to distorted ideas of love and friendship.

The Line can display small branches sweeping upwards or drooping downward from it. Upwards indicates the natural flirt, and downward trouble with the opposite sex, or the sex of choice. A pale, broad line illustrates a noncaring attitude toward others, particularly in matters of love. A clear, deep line, presents energy and vitality in affairs of the heart. Breaks in the Line of Heart show disappointment in love and friendship. A chained Line of Heart, which is one made up of tiny island formations, speaks of someone who doens't trust others, especially in matters of love. These people often go from relationship to relationship, unable to establish any lasting connection. Sometimes, the chained formation will appear in only a small portion of the line, indicating that the person is able to overcome his or her mistrusting nature.

Forked lines, either at the beginning of the line, which starts about an inch or so beneath the little finger, or at its ending, near the other side of the palm in a variety of positions, indicates an independent nature. Where the branches head tell another story. When a branch, or fork from the Line of Heart heads toward the index finger, it means the person has very high ideals, particularly in a mate. They expect a greal deal from the other person, but, in return, are supportive and loyal.

When a branch heads toward the middle finger, the person is moody, and sometimes tempermental in the company of others. However, they often desperately want the security of a lasting relationship. Dual branches, or forks, that rest both on the index finger, and the middle finger shows individuals who truly wants to establish deep relationships, but who have trouble relinquishing any part of their independence. Forks at the opposite end of the line, beneath the little finger, add strength to the line, if those branches are fairly deep, and free of any drooping hairlines.

Ending beneath the index finger, the person is idealistic, but loving. If it swings up into the finger, though, the person can be demanding of others. A short line, ending near the ring finger, means the individual is stunted in his or her affections."

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