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About dancing

If dancing isn't specifically what you came to do in a night-club, then dancing isn't really what you should be concerned with. Dance your dance, then extract her to a quiet and private place and start working your magic:) You could of course get some initial attraction already going on the dance floor if your moves are good - smiles, eye-contact, maybe even some initial kino - but then again, maybe not. You know your stuff and you know it works, but dancing can only be helpful at best, it is not the way of achieving your goal. So have fun dancing, but keep your ultimate goal (be it a #close, a *close, feeling her up or tonguing her down, making her come right there in the club or taking her home with you:) in mind.

The exception to this rule are the so-called kino girls. They LOVE being touched and they love to touch you in return. Should you happen to hit the dance-floor with a girl like that - don't leave, keep dancing, have fun holding and grinding each other:) Once the touching and kissing gets really intimate, you can change venues and no excess talk is needed:) Chances even are, she woulnd't be very receptive to any "talking" strategies anyway - while you are busy patterning or eliciting values, all she is thinking is: "Why isn't he touching me? Why does he just keep talking?".

As for the rest of the girls, the amount of time you need to spend on the dance-floor depends on how well you dance. If you're good, dancing is an easy way of attracting girls - you can easily slip in with the most beautiful of girls on the dance-floor plus have everyone else on and off the floor check you out. If however you are average, do as suggested in the beginning - do your dance, then move to a quieter place to have a soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart and eventually a body-to-body discussion:)

Jake Thomson, ASF: "A woman I know & trust advised me one time that in her humble opinion, if man can't dance, he probably can't fuck either. Think about it. Being able to dance well demonstrates that you are comfortable in your body and know how to use it with precision and control. I know from my own experience, limited though it may be, that if a woman can't dance - she generally can't fuck very well either. If she dances well, it's a pretty good bet she knows how to fuck also. So it's one of my tests for fuckability."

Dancing is an ancient pre-copulation ritual. It has been and in many parts of the world is still being "officially" used (some tribes in Africa, South-America) as the primary criterion for selecting a partner to copulate with. Unofficially though, you can see the same thing happening each night in every club/bar:) So one more reason NOT to waste your energy on dancing unless you know how to dance. Or one more reason to LEARN to dance:)

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