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Player Guide: Neghits explained

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Neghits explained

Mystery, ASF (adapted):

"A 10 is there surrounded by friends. She has put on this BITCH act. Is she REALLY a bitch? Unlikely. All my girlfriends were wonderful human beings - beautiful people have it easier because they are beautiful and often times have better upbringings because of it. BUT - they need to have a standard with which to uphold when all these NOBODY guys approach her. So her values are very honed and understood. When a man walks up and says, "can I buy you a beer?" she WILL be annoyed by this. While the guy thinks he's doing something nice for her, she gets this ALL the time. She is desensitised to this. You are the 8th guy TODAY! So she is very good at brushing all these guys off. Shit, she HAS to be... she isn't going to sleep with ALL of them! So she may say NO or act annoyed and then the guy thinks she's a bitch and walks off pissed and feeling like a failure. And that seems to work. Sometimes when the girl is particularly in a feeling of control (like in a club where she is PREPARED for the barrage of men - it IS after all something that occurs so often that when it is GONE she MISSES it) she will accept the beer and then flake the guy off. Hey, the guys are stupid enough to buy her one, she might as well take it. When they take a beer from you, the girl is saying to you, "I don't know you and I don't care about you. You are just another one of those typical guys and since I don't respect you, Ill take the beer from you before I snub you."

Since a 10 is so GOOD at snuffing your approach (nothing ever personal either - it is a strategy that is built over years of stupid guys approaches EVERY FUCKING DAY, she will do the same to YOU. That is why SNUFFING THEM is important. You cant INSULT them because they are used to all the hurt guys INSULTING them ("ahh you are nothing but a bitch!") so this rolls off their back like water off a muskrats ass. How do you SNUFF them withOUT INSULTING them? Well, let's say she has long nails which are most likely fake. Now why do 10s dress so FINE if they don't want the attention? Because they LOVE the feeling of control sometimes. They are in a club with friends and they want to be the leader of the circle (social hierarchy in primates) and so she gets all the attention. The guys come and buy drinks for them and she gets off on knocking the guys down. Its all in a days play. Ok, so she is wearing fake nails to look even BETTER! Most guys will say, "wow you are so beautiful!" BORING, typical and in her mind by now (after years of the same shit) TRUE. Imagine a guy comes along and says "nice nails. are they real??" she will have to concede, "no. acrylic." and he says (like he didn't notice it was a put down "oh. (pause) well I guess they still LOOK good." Then he turns his back to her. What does this do to her? Well, he didn't treat her like shit and INSULT her. He complimented her but the result was to target her insecurity. She thinks, "IM HOT IM BEAUTIFUL (especially in that emotional state of control as in the public)... but I didn't win this guy over. IM SO GOOD at this. ILL just fix that little smear on my image that he has of me." then you continue to show disinterest in her looks as you give her a neutral topic like the Elvis script. During this her intention is to get you to become like all the other guys so she can feel in control and snuff you and you then give her another NEG HIT like this ... " is that a hair piece? well, its neat... what do you call this hairstyle? The waffle? :)" Smile and look at her to show her you are sincerely being funny and not insulting. You are pleasant but disinterested in her beauty. This will intrigue her because she KNOWS guys. And this isn't normal. You must have really high taste, or be used to girls or be married or something. These questions make her CURIOUS. So this keeps happening and is known as FLIRTING. She give you little neg hits and these tests are qualifiers. You pass them by neg hitting her back. After all, you aren't like the others showing interest. But... why? To get control again she says, "will you buy me a drink?" notice how she is trying to get you now! BUT, she only wants to sucker you in enough so she can SNUFF you. That is all she is about - this strategy is all she knows and it's not working for you so she is trying to do damage control on the situation. But at the same time she doesn't quite understand WHY you don't think you are great. After all, her nails ARE fake. You say, " ahhh, that's so funny ... you nose moves when you speak...... (pointing and being cute) look there it goes again ... its so... quaint ... hheeeee look " :D She'll say, "ahhh, stoppp!" :) *blush*. Now she is self conscious and having her in this state is where you want her. You have with 3 neg hits successfully created INTEREST (curiosity) and removed her from her pedestal (removed her bitch shield.) You were humorous, you had a smile, you dress well, you are confident and everything she would want in a man.

You didn't take her shit. OH, and when she asked you for a beer, you said, " no. I don't buy girls drinks. but you can buy ME one". You are qualifying HER now. If she buys you a beer, this is symbolic of her RESPECT for you.

If not you say, "pleasure meeting you" and turn your back to her again. DONT walk away, just turn your back. You are neg hitting them again just when they thought she was negging YOU. That is teasing each other. That is the first step to flirting. This is all textbook psychology.

A NEG HIT is a qualifier. The girl is FAILING to meet your high expectations. It's not an insult, just a judgement call on your part. The better looking the girl, the more aggressive you must be with using neg hits. A 10 can get 3 neg hits up front, while an 8 only 1 or 2 over a longer time. You CAN go overboard if they think you are BETTER than them You can drop the self-esteem right from under them (just like most 10s do to guys) and this isn't good. You have to get as close to the breaking point as you can without crossing the line. Once you have gotten her RIGHT THERE, you can start appreciating things about her (NEVER LOOKS). There is a mutual RESPECT now. Something most guys never get from the girl.

This is how you remove a bitch shield. 3 neg hits oughta do it within 2 or 3 minutes of neutral chat. Once it is down, you can from a mutual respect place, seduce her."

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