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Player Guide: Neghits expansion pack

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Neghits expansion pack

  • Use negs with 9s and preferably 10s only. Don't use a neg on a 7 or 8. The 7s and 8s know what they are - cute, sweet, pretty etc - but not drop-dead beautiful. Their confidence in their own beauty is only fairly high and it could easily be destroyed by a neg. Shaking their confidence too much and making them self-conscious could quite easily make them hate you instead of wanting to be down with you - and that's not what you want:) The 9s and 10s however KNOW they are beautiful - they've been told so all their lives; and then there's always the mirror to confirm that:) So your neg will confuse and intrigue them and maybe even shake their confidence a little bit, but only enough for them to fall from the clouds (which is where many 9s and 10s spend much of their time:) to the ground (which is where you are waiting for them:) Compare that to falling from the ground into a deep hole, which could easily happen to a 7 or 8 should you happen to neg her, and you'll see, why you should be very discriminative in your use of the neg.
  • The neg hit might backfire with a 9 or even a 10, if you use it when she's really down - in a self-defeating, self-conscious, "I'm probably just a 7 or a even 6" mood:) Be sensitive to her mood and if, for whatever reason, she seems to be really suffering, forget the neg. Be the one to bring her out of her darkness, treat her like a 6 or a 7 that she feels she is at the moment, meaning cheer her up and compliment her _without_ any embedded negs, but be careful - the 9 or 10 in her is only in suspended mode and once you re-activate it, unless you change to humorous negging right away, you'll end up being another supplicating chump - you get a hug and then she walks away to find herself a MAN.
  • When you neg, ALWAYS present it as a compliment - be charming, friendly, positive, earnest and sincere in your "compliment":) If you present your neg as a deliberate insult you come off as a jerk (which however is a good excuse to "apologise" by giving her a hug and a kiss to "make up" for your insult:). Being a jerk of course could be a turn-on for some girls, but more often than not, it is a turn-off. Which doesn't mean that being a nice guy is your goal, in fact that's usually an even bigger turn-off. When you fall into the "nice" and eventually the "Let's Just Be Friends" zone, you'll wish you would have fallen into the "jerk" zone, that way you would at least have had some sort of a chance of doing a comeback. So avoid being a "jerk" or a "nice guy" - just take the best of both worlds and neg her with a "compliment":)

Example 1 of using a neghit
ASF: "When you see a HB and she snuffs you ... tell her you think her dress is very nice (something she has heard before) and then tell her you remember seeing her at a club before and she was wearing the same dress. It IS nice though. :) Whether or not you ever saw her before, you can ASSUME she HAS been social before and that she was wearing the dress before. This deflates her INSTANTLY and puts you in control."

Example 2 of using a neghit
Guy: What do you do?
Gal: Oh, I'm a model.
Guy: Oh yeah, your hair looks kinda nice... / Oh, like a hand model or something?

Example 3 of using a neghit
Mystery: "If you are in a bar and you approach a girl, she basically KNOWS you want to fuck her. You have to somehow convey that you didn't come for sex but because you are talkative about some even MORE interesting than HER. The only thing from you that can make a 10 NOTICE you is if you show her she doesn't matter to you in the slightest... that is a NEG"

Negging before kissing. Daniel, ASF: "I love the little gem by mystery where he said to neg a girl before kissing her, now how devious is that? You make her feel self conscious and then you relieve the very feelings you caused:)"

Examples of negging a beauty. (Only for use with 10s or 9s who simply HAVE to know they ARE beautiful, any less beautiful girls can easily be destroyed by these!) After you've negged her looks in some manner, follow up with:

  • "You are really interesting, or at least you're not THAT ugly."
  • "No really, I've seen uglier girls"
  • "Well, at least you should be lucky to have a good body [to compensate for whatever it was you negged]"

More neghits
Dan Scorpio, ASF:

  • "You are nearly as tall as me. I like tall girls (LIFT). Are those heels 4 or 5 inches (DROP)?"

Mystery, ASF:

  • "You blink alot"
  • "Your nose wiggles when you talk:)"
  • "Weren't you wearing this dress the last time you were here?"
  • "Excuse me... may I finish my sentence first?"
  • "Oooh... Sick... You just spit on me!" (when the girl is talking to you).


  • "Your hair looks kinda nice"

Mystery, ASF:
YOU: "I don't think we should get to know each other."
HER: "Why?"
YOU: "I think you are just too much of a NICE GIRL for me."
HER: (whatever, it doesn't matter because she will try for you now)

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