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Player Guide: The perfect relationship

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The perfect relationship

A simple value-eliciting scheme (from an unknown source):

You: What's important to you in a relationship? A relationship, not qualities in a person...

Her: Well... x1

You: Yeah... that's really important to me too. How do you know when you have x1?

Her: xxx (talking about x1).

You: I agree... that's a powerful one. Well, what else is important to you in a relationship?

Her: x2

You: Yeah... xxx (talking about x2).

Her: xxx (talking about x2).

You: Wow...that would be great to be with someone like that. Well, what else is = important to you in a relationship?

Her: x3

You: Yeah... xxx (talking about x3).

Her: xxx (talking about x3).

Step 2

You: Of those three values - x1, x2, x3 - which is the most important? Which would you absolutely have to have?

Her: Well... xn (n being either 1, 2 or 3)

You: Well... I could see that. Of the other two, which is most important?

Her: xn (n being either 1, 2 or 3)

Step 3

About an hour+ later:

You: You know...I've been thinking that maybe we've really got the start of something beautiful here. And I think it's something based on (x1, x2, and x3 in order of her preference she provided in step 2).

She will go into a pleasure state, at the peak touch her and say:

You: Can you FEEL THAT would be a really wonderful thing to experience?

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