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Player Guide: The Ideal Guy routine

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The Ideal Guy routine

NYC, ASF: "If I can't get her to be interested in me, I go into the "the ideal guy" routine. Since she thinks I'm helping her to find what she wants, she greedily, hungrily describes her dream guy. Then I get her to describe what he's wearing, how his hair looks, how his voice is, what he says to her, how his chest feels, how she feels in his arms... I just ask her the right questions to get her meta-stating ABOUT someone that makes her feel the way she likes to feel in order to fuck. She thinks about and experiences the feelings, but WHO is she talking to? ME. Basically she gets confused and thinks she is feeling that way about me when she is actually feeling that way about some other guy. If she likes HIM, but is talking to YOU, it probably means she doesn't have the GUTS to approach him fearing a rejection. You can get her to think about him all night if you want, and he'll remain a living fantasy to her. Meanwhile... she is getting horny in general AND you are the one making her feel the way she does. Just by being with you and seeing you and hearing you and touching you, she gets these feelings... basically she transfers what she WANTS from the guy over to you.

The other benefit of this style is that girls will admit their horny behaviour when you are NOT talking about yourself and you ARE talking about some movie star or something... for instance:

Me: what would you do if Keanu walked in here right now?
Her: I would seduce him any way I can
Me: what would you do to seduce Keanu?

Next, she spills the beans about what she would do to convince a man she REALLY WANTS to be with her. Getting all hot and bothered along the way of course:) And since you're in the vicinity…:)"

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