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Player Guide: Talking about sex

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Talking about sex

A few words of advice - don't ever start a conversation with a girl with sex, sexual innuendoes etc (there's an exception to this though, see the GM technique which expressly oozes and drips of sexual innuendoes with the false pretence of being humorous and "just kidding":). Don't misunderstand it though, the emphasis is on the word "start".

Its just like with patterns - if you start a conversation with a pattern, you´ll just sound embarrassingly lame. And if you start the conversation with sexual innoendos, you might never get a chance to continue the conversation. Unless you use the GM technique to harvest for girls directly, blatantly and shamelessly interested in sex (see also "The cold approach"), you'd better not take any aspects of the GM technique out of context to use as openers. Unless of course you are playing the Crash and Burn game:)

Steamy topics of discussion are fine, once you've established rapport with a girl, the conversation has been going smooth, her body-language shows interest etc, she's past being comfortable with you, is already into intrigue and maybe even starting to feel a little horny:) Introduce sex, watch her reactions, be sensitive yet bold. Use quotes ("my friend Katie once told me about how she had a quick-fuck from a boy he hardly knew":), you can safely get quite graphic using quotes and she can safely get horny because you're not talking about yourself or her:) But once again, try not to start the conversation with sexual innuendoes, it can be a major turn-off for a girl.

Mystery suggests to avoid sex-talk completely (he deals primarily with the 9-s and 10-s though:). Mystery: "Bringing up sex shows its on your mind and if you were truly a guy who gets girls you wouldn't think about it then. No sex comments. No sex jokes. Go KINO but don't talk sex."

Clifford, Clifford's Seduction Newsletter: "One thing I have noticed is that a lot of women will kind of recoil when you say something a bit too sexual and then, if you pursue it with no apologies, they spring back very positively about the comment. It doesn't happen all the time, and certainly depends on the comment itself, but many women do respond to sexual comments after an initial, what shall we call it, politically correct reaction."

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