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Player Guide: Use sexual stories to get her horny

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Use sexual stories to get her horny

Use personal experience or fantasy stories to get her horny. ASF: "Never use stories DIRECTLY INVOLVING the girl you're with. QUOTE about what you did to other chicks or what you want to do to other chicks or ask her about what she has done or would like to do with other guys. You can use this even in every-day discussions by elaborating at the right time and in the right direction:) A variation: get her in a private place, and feed her with fantasies, increasingly sexual, in a hypnotic way, until she can't stand it anymore and will rape you:)" A journalist discussing SS, Playboy, July'98: "I had a friend in college whose success with women was mind-boggling, given his Napoleonic stature and receding hairline. I remember my college friend playfully turning every conversation with a girl, no matter where she would try to steer it, into something with sexual undertones. He'd get her thinking about sex, and pretty soon she was thinking about having sex with him." Remember that steering the conversation into something with sexual undertones doesn't even necessarily have to mean talking explicitly about sex, see "The Discovery Channel pattern" for an example of this. Talking about something innocent but inserting the words "penetrate", "come inside", "hard", "surrender" into the conversation might do the trick just as well. Whether to use covert (SS and patterns) or overt (GM style) conversation is not always easy to decide, the best advice I can give concerning this is just to experiment and "develop an intuition":)

An example of a combination of a cold approach, quoting, stacking realities and using fantasy stories. ASF: ""I know this guy named Vincent, he was telling me about a woman friend of his. She said that she was standing by herself in a bar one time when this guy walks up to her, looks her dead in the eyes and said, "I would like to fuck you. Would you like to fuck me?" and then just stands there. She said she nearly dropped her drink, but then she started thinking about it and began feeling that heat building up in her body. You know how you feel when you start to get really aroused? All wet and excited? She didn't miss a beat and started playing right back at him. She said, "I'd want you to go down on me first..."

Anyway use your exquisite language skills to tell her exactly what you'd like to do to her & have Vincent's friend tell it to her. I mean it's not like *YOU'RE* telling her you want to eat her out & fuck her brains loose or anything:)"

An example of a line to use in a conversation. "When was the last time you had an orgasm? I really think you need to find a guy right now... and let him bend you over the bathroom sink and let him have his way with you."

(Taken from "Sweep women off their feet...":) "Most women love the romantic and emotional stuff, while others are not necessarily interested in a relationship of any kind but would really enjoy a good session of hot and wild session of unforgettable sex, no strings attached.

So how do you begin to talk about that kind of low down and dirty sex? Well, if you see that she doesn't respond to relationship type conversation, move away from it. Offer a different perspective. You can either describe other couples that you know that are not communicating like they should and how much of a hassle it can be to be in a loveless relationship and so on.

So what's the alternative? It doesn't have to be your own opinion but you can mention how much of a hassle free a purely sexual experience can be between two horny people. They can share all their fantasies without fear of being judged by a loved one and threatened with a break-up, they are free to experience many things that might be viewed as taboo by people in a serious relationship etc. You can talk about how easy it is to arrange something and see it through when it comes to nothing but physical pleasure. You can say how both men and women can experiment with their sexual urges and curiousities without any relationship insecurities or jealousy. You can give examples of other couples that you know where the woman always fantasized about being with another woman but the husband was scared that she might leave him for a lesbian. In a purely physical relationship, it's all about what makes us feel good, it's all about exploring fantasies and feeling comfortable with who we are as we are.

If you've hit the target, she will agree with you and feel a connection between the two of you because she will feel you are both the same. At that point you can ask her about her favorite position or her favourite fantasies that she was never able to talk about or act on in a closed and conventional relationship. You can tell her about some mild fantasies of yours and direct the conversation to how wonderful it feels to be able to express yourselves in this way. You can even mention how talking about this kind of stuff is making you hot right there and then probe to see if she feels the same way. You can joke about the two of you trying to seduce another person together for a possible threesome and more depending on the fantasies she already told you about. If everything clicks you will know because if you don't go for the close, she will."

See also The Ideal Guy routine for a similar approach and GM technique explained for more details on overt sexual talk.

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