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Player Guide: Delivering patterns - general rules

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Delivering patterns - general rules

Disclaimer: Part of the contents/ideas appearing in this section of the Player Guide have been referenced or partially repurposed from Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction® Web Site (free newsletters), courseware products, or seminar recordings. If you find the materials in this section useful, you may want to consider looking into Ross' products, available for purchase from the Official Speed Seduction® Web Site.

Being vague. It is important to be as vague as possible in your patterns. For one thing, vagueness for a woman doesn't sound incoherent or obscure like it does to the rational and matter-of-fact mind of a man. For a girl, vague equals romantic, thrilling, mysterious and intriguing. For another thing, being vague in your patterns lets her more easily link the feelings you describe with her own experiences or dreams. The more vague, the better!

Doesn't patterning sound unnatural? (Ross Jeffries:) "When you learn how to do Speed Seduction» according to that, it ceases to be about mind-fucking and ramming memorised patterns into a (hopefully:) co-operative subject, and becomes a mutual exploration of how you think and how she thinks about certain topics, that naturally would lend themselves to pattern type talk even if you didn't know a thing about Speed Seduction»! Using the pattern language, therefore, in this context is utterly natural, incredibly powerful, and allows you to actually learn something about the woman on a very deep level while you are creating incredible connections, sexual feelings, etc. etc."

Once more, the patterns here are only examples. Ross Jeffries: "The patterns are examples, NOT rules. Many students think that unless they present the patterns to women, word for word, that they won't work or get results. THIS IS JUST 100% FALSE! The patterns are only examples... very GOOD examples... of the kinds of communication that turn women on. But they aren't meant to be rigidly or exclusively followed. Learn from them HOW they work, and you'll be able to eventually create your own patterns."

The Stages of Learning Patterns as stated by Ross Jeffries:
"I would say students go through three stages of Speed Seduction» Mastery.

  • Stage One: memorising and using memorised patterns, word for word.
  • Stage Two: learning to use themes that incorporate pieces of the pattern language.
  • Stage Three: learning to use themes that have deep personal meaning for the student as well as being intriguing to women and allowing the student to use pieces of the pattern language."

Can I talk freely or will she interrupt me? Ross Jeffries: "There are two classes of women who respond to patterns; those who want to be overwhelmed, and those who want it to be their own experience. The women in the first category will just sit and let you run patterns without interrupting; the second category will interrupt by talking. That's ok...let them talk... because they will give you their personal trance words which you use back with them when you continue with the patterns! Girls in the second category are actually more entertaining and fun!"

The time delay. Ross Jeffries: "Some women, for whatever reason, have a "time delay" effect; the patterns might not appear to work, but an hour or 3 days or even 3 months later, out of the blue they want to bang you. This "time delay" can be an x-factor that can make responses seem a bit more unpredictable."

(Taken from "Sweep women off their feet...":) "If she's still not responsive maybe she's never experienced such feelings in the past and is having a hard time keeping up. Slow down and talk as though you are trying to understand as well from the experience of your friend. It will be easier for her to imagine all the feelings you are describing if there is no pressure for her to readily understand them. Give her the time she needs to absorb everything. And sometimes it takes a while before she'll absorb everything. Believe me, that does happen.

For example, there was this girl I thought was unresponsive, yet a few days after we had a deep conversation about love and feelings she came up to me and acted as though she was truly in love, picking up that same conversation after I almost forgot what we were talking about in the first place."

Combine feelings with body sensations. Ross Jeffries: "As far as possible, layer in body sensations along with your connection patterns! When you combine body sensations along with emotional connections, either at the same time or rapidly in sequence, the effect is practically irresistible and the power isn't's exponential!"

Fear?? No. FUN!! Ross Jeffries: "If you want to be hilariously successful with Speed Seduction», then you must realise that the patterns aren't about begging. They aren't even really about tricking or misleading. No, sir, the patterns are about being able to create such incredible states of pleasure and fun and highs for her that no one else can, such that she really WANTS to give you her sexual goodies. They're about creating states for her that no one else can. Viewed like this, that incredible babe you want to bang isn't someone you need to fear. She's someone who's about to receive an incredible gift from you, a gift she might continue to receive IF she's smart enough and hot enough and sexy enough to give you what it takes to keep YOU coming back for more. You see, it sure makes a damn big difference when you can look at a honey-pie and honestly think to yourself, "How good can this woman stand to feel? Let's go have fun and find out!"

Speaking of fun, another big part of being in the right frame of mind to make SS work is refusing to take it seriously. By that, I mean you take the attitude that you are experimenting, having fun, and if what you try doesn't work, you've simply polished your skills and learned something new."

For more specifics about patterns (using visual, auditory or kinesthetic language for girls with visual, auditory or kinesthetic imaginations accordingly; running at least three different patterns in a row for maximum effectiveness etc.) turn to and see the newsletters (click on "hot topics" then "newsletters").

Adapted from Ross Jeffries' public seminar tanscript.
The right attitude. Ross Jeffries: "You see, challenge is where the fun is. If it's not easy, life is not meant to be easy, but life was meant to be fun. If you're not going to have fun in the process, then what's the point. And also this is a very sexy attitude. A guy who is not put off but is also not hungry, and is having fun in the process of courtship, a woman is attracted to that. A man who'll playfully court her without being pushy, a man who is persistent, but at the same time is not pushy or needy but is playful about it. [The attitude is:] "Eventually you're going to come around and see what a great deal it is and in the mean time I'll play and have fun with you". That's very sexy. You know, I'm telling you something, you can look like a freaking pig and many of my students do and still it doesn't make any difference because it's a very rare attitude. It's a very rare approach. You become one man in a million."

See and observe her response. Ross Jeffries: "Ok, we'll talk about the skills. Let's talk about the skills you need to make this work. The first skill you need is the ability to observe and to see what response you are getting. Shall I repeat that? The ability to observe and see what response that you're getting. In order to do that, you have to be doing what? Louder, I can't hear you. To do that you can't be in your head worrying is this working, oh, oh, does she like me, what if I blow it, you have to turn all that crap off. Flip that switch to off, pull the plug on that. You have to be totally focused on what response you're getting. Step out of your own way and turn all that crap off and just focus in on the response you're getting."

Be flexible yet persistent. Ross Jeffries: "Ok. Skill No. 2. The flexibility to change to something else if you aren't getting the response you want. If you try "have you ever", let's take that one. "Have you ever felt the sense of incredible connection…?", yet then you get "no". Instead of giving up you can go "Well have you ever felt really attracted to someone…?". Keep going until you get that response. Do you understand. Keep going until you get the response because eventually you will. Or step back and shift to something else. Does this make sense? I know, stop a minute, close your eyes. Everyone has some, when I say close your eyes, I want the lids down. Anyone who's lids do not close will find their sexual future shrinking away, rapidly, rapidly. Some of us don't have long to wait. I want you to think of some situation where you have alot of flexibility where something gets thrown in your path, you shift around and you keep going. I don't care what context it is. And as you think of that thing I want you to raise your hand in the air, raise your hand in the air, do it and make a fist, raise your arm all the way up in the air, make a fist and as you bring that hand down I want you to increase that feeling of utter flexibility and ferociousness that you go for what you want and keep going. And do it again. Think of that thing again, raise your hand in the air and as you do that, think to yourself, yes, don't say it but think to yourself. And remember that feeling of being flexible and you go to the next thing. Ok, one more time. And this time in your mind's eye, I want you to see some woman that you would really like to seduce and see her not responding the way you'd like to. As you put your hand down, notice how you can increase that feeling, hey, I'm going to try something else and keep going. Nothing is going to stop me. Do you get that? Alright. Open your eyes and look at me."

Be patient and learn from trial and error. Ross Jeffries: "Ability No 3 is the ability to be patient and learn from trial and error. I know you all admire me and you're not worthy and all that other shit but guess what. I make mistakes with this. But I don't want to think of making mistakes, I am learning. I occasionally do things, guess what, they don't work the way I've planned. Guess what? I get excited. Kent and Mark here had lunch with me and the first thing I asked them was what have you done that doesn't work? Tell me about what you've done where it didn't work. Did I not say that? Because that's where I get excited. That tells me I'm about to step into a new level of power. If something isn't working, congratulate yourself because you're about to find out what does work. You're about to learn something new. Without that mind set, you will be at best mediocre with this material. With this mind set no matter what blocks you may start out with, you will leave them behind quickly and go wherever you want to with the material. But if nothing else, if all you do is really begin to live the attitude that there are no failures, there's only learnings, you will be ahead 99% of the people in society."

Be able to move from one pattern to the next. Ross Jeffries: "Ability No. 4. Ability to move from one pattern to the next. I will go over some transitional phrases that will allow you to move from any pattern to any other pattern. Even if, it makes it logically seem, it's nothing more fun to me than making it seem like my ideas are logically connected when there's no logical connection at all. I'm just connecting them so I can ram patterns in. Ok. And there's certain phrases "now here's another thing". Or "here's something else that is interesting". It doesn't have to be any logical connection to be any ideas at all."

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