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Player Guide: Submodalities

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Disclaimer: Part of the contents/ideas appearing in this section of the Player Guide have been referenced or partially repurposed from Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction® Web Site (free newsletters), courseware products, or seminar recordings. If you find the materials in this section useful, you may want to consider looking into Ross' products, available for purchase from the Official Speed Seduction® Web Site.

Adapted from Ross Jeffries' public seminar tanscript.

Ross Jeffries: "How many people know what submodalities are? The basic idea behind submodalities, is that people have locations for their internal mental imagery. That's when people make images on the inside of their mind, subjectively speaking, those images are located in different places. Let me give you an example. I'll give you an example. Come here, come on up here. Come up. What's your name?"

Audience: "Rod"

Ross: "Have a seat here. Let me show you what I mean. Can you stop and think about someone who you really, really like. Is there someone that you really like alot?"

Rod: "Yes I can"

Ross: "As you think about that person and you see their image in your mind don't you?"

Rod: "Yes"

Ross: "Imagine your mind is a movie screen. And if you were to take your finger and point to where on the movie screen you see their image where might you point right now. Right there. Very nice. Now can you think of someone who you can't stand at all? I mean, if you saw a car coming at this person, you might go "hey!" but you wouldn't be in too big of a hurry to get them out of the way. Where you see the picture? Where? And where is the picture of the person that you really like? Now take this picture of the person who you don't like much and try to move it over here and see what happens. Looks like it doesn't want to stay there, does it?"

Rod: "It's heavy"

Ross: "By the way, notice how the more you listen to me the more my picture goes right here. And the bigger and brighter it gets. And you just lock it there. Keep it there. That's a neat thing. The number one submodality is location, where people put their pictures. There's alot of other ones but for our purpose the one that we are going to be using is location. Yes, question."

Audience: "In many of the experiments that I've gone through with, I find that alot of the pictures are very spacial. They don't have a position, I can't put them in a position."

Ross: "Then what you do is suggest one. If they don't have one, suggest it. See, notice what it's like if that picture just pops itself out of your head and locks in right in front of your face. If they don't have one, suggest it. So you can put yourself there."

An exercise of removing doubts and hesitation via the use of submodalities
Ross Jeffries: "So here's the exercise that we're going to do. Close your eyes, this means eyes close. Close your eyes. What I want you to do is, I want you to think about something that you use to want to be when you were a little kid. But then as you grew up you just forgot all about it. So think of that thing that you used to want to be when you were a little kid and then maybe you just forgot all about it. If some of you haven't done that, then think of something you use to do when you were a kid but you no longer do. I prefer you pick something you used to want to do as a kid but then you have forgotten about it. Ok, and take a minute to do that. And this is going to become a very important tool so I want you to notice as you think about this where in your mental movie screen you see that picture. And actually take your finger, I want to see everyone doing this, and take your finger and point to where you seem to see that picture. And notice that location and draw a white square there. But make it red. Make it a red square if you can do that. If you can see the color red, ok. Now, I want you to think, do you believe the sun is going to come up tomorrow? Put your hand down, just remember that location, do you believe that the sun is going to come up tomorrow, yes or not?"

Audience: "Yes"

Ross: "As you are believing that I want you to make a picture of that in your mind, of your belief that the sun will come up tomorrow. No it's not a belief, it's a fact. Ok, your belief that the sun will come up tomorrow. You got it. And point to where you see that. Point to where you see that and draw a square around that one but make it green. Make it a green square. Alright, if you're having trouble with the color, don't worry about it. Just make it whatever color you want. Alright, now here's what I want you to do. I want you to see the image of yourself that doesn't believe that you can do this [speed seduciton] stuff. I know some of you have doubts, now is the time to let any doubt you want come into your mind. Your doubts that you can do this material, you know, you feel that you are going to get caught, your doubts that I'm not the best teacher in the world, whatever your doubts are that you are going to get rid of them completely, just whatever they are, I'm going to get caught, I'm not confident enough, women don't like me, whatever it is, right, I want you to allow an image or images that represent those thoughts to pop into your mind. And very quickly stick those into the red square. Shove those images and pictures right into the red square and lock it in there. And some of you may be thinking but I don't want to let the thoughts go. But notice this, the more you think that the more it pushes them away anyway. So they have no choice. Now I want you to create a new self image. I want you to see the you that has the spirit that I've been putting into, the idea, that hey, challenge is fun. If I don't get it the first time I'll keep tap dancing around this person until I get it. I want you to hear me, going "go for it fuckweed!". In the back of your head."

Audience: "Laughs"

Ross: "Just do it. I'm serious. I want you to hear my voice in the back of your head saying "go for it fuckweed". Don't be a dick, go for it. I want you to do that in the back of your head. Ok, I want you to see that image of you that sort of has my ideas in your head, the ideas of being flexible and ferocious and having fun with it. Ok. Now you want to check push limits and see how blatant you can be, try to get caught with this. Ok. Notice as that image of yourself goes into the green square. And fill the green square up with that image. And notice that the bigger and brighter that green square image gets, the smaller and darker the red square image gets. To the point where the red square just disappears completely. And lock in that image. And now that you see that image of yourself in that green square, here's what I want you to do as the next step. Keep your eyes closed, I know you love to look at me dear but keep your eyes closed. Just look at me on the inside, deep inside your mind. Aren't you. Ok, here's what I want you to do, look, see that image of you in the green square, I want you to make it forty feet tall. And what I want you to do, you make it forty feet tall, is turn it around so you only see it from behind. So you'll see the back of yourself. And as you allow that to continue, raise it up above your head, and when I snap my fingers, drop it down on top of your so you'll look into those forty foot tall eyes. Are you ready? (Ross snaps his fingers) Do it. And now looking out through those forty foot tall eyes add in a few snarls. A voice in your head that says your ass is mine. I want you to imagine there's a woman in front of you. And now what I want you to do is just zoom on the part of that person that you find the most attractive. Just zoom in on it. Zoom in on it, ok and over her shoulder I want you to see that forty foot tall you again. In fact, I want you to see an entire army of forty foot tall yous lined up. Now look at and zoom on the body part, hear that voice that goes (snarl) you know that sexy tonality, that ooh ahh. And over her other shoulder I want you to see you and her getting it on. And now notice how any attempt of hesitation just flies into that red square and shrinks away and smalls itself. To the point where you can't even imagine ever trying to be that way, it just gets wiped out completely. As if a giant hand were wiping out that tiny little red square of doubt. The hand attached to the body that has the voice that says "do it fuckface". "Do it now!". Now stop a minute and try to doubt, try in vain to doubt your ability to master these skills and use them. Tell me what happens. What happens when you try and doubt. It's unnatural, that's right. That's right. Good, I want you to carry that with you."

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