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Player Guide: Backdoor Pleasure patterns

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Backdoor Pleasure patterns

Disclaimer: Part of the contents/ideas appearing in this section of the Player Guide have been referenced or partially repurposed from Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction® Web Site (free newsletters), courseware products, or seminar recordings. If you find the materials in this section useful, you may want to consider looking into Ross' products, available for purchase from the Official Speed Seduction® Web Site.

A completely hilarious collection of patterns by Rod Munch to get her to submit to and enjoy anal sex:) Unbelieveable, I almost laughed my ass off (whoops?:) the first time I read them:) Rod Munch, mindlist:

Pattern I

Purpose: To implant the idea of receiving pleasure from her ass.
Subject: Your Friend (who else?) Rod

Did I ever tell you about my friend Rod?  Well, he's a damn cool guy, but he got a new job.  Yeah, he's on the R&D team of some furniture company, (make up a name, Muncher Furniture perhaps?).  Yeah, well he's working on a team and their job is to design the perfect chair.  Did you ever have a favorite chair?  (of course she sez yes)  What was it like? I have to ask this stuff, maybe I can give Rod some ideas.  (let her talk about the perfect chair).  Feed her info back to her in the following part: Yeah, I know what you mean.  Isn't it great how you can have a favorite seat, and after a hard, stressful day at work, you LOOK FORWARD TO PLOPPING YOUR ASS/BUTT DOWN on that seat (point to schlong). And then you get there and you see that seat (point to schlong) and you can already start to RELAX and FEEL SO GOOD just thinking about how great it will feel when you LOWER YOUR ASS ONTO THAT SEAT (point to schlong!!!) and think how great it will be to slowly SLIDE DOWN ONTO IT (point to schlong!!!).

Pattern II

Purpose: To program her with not only anal pleasure, but sexually oriented anal pleasure
Subject: Life's Little Surprises

Do you like surprises?  I think it's great how the best things in life are unexpected.  What was the best surprise you've ever gotten?  And I'm not talking about a gift necesarrily, I mean just something that happened that was so good, but was totally unexpected.

(Let her talk, get her in state)

Yeah, I can totally hear/feel/see what you mean.  Isn't it just great how the things in life that just sneak up behind you unexpectedly?  I mean, there are things you know are coming and you can see them, like, "Oh, it's Friday, I'm getting paid today."  Now that's in front of you, in your future, but then the best things in life, the ones that can make you FEEL FULFILLED and FEEL SO GOOD FROM YOUR BOTTOM to your top have a tendency to sneak up behind you and COME FROM YOUR REAR.  And INSIDE YOU ASS yourself, "This is so great!  How can something this great (point to schlong) just take me from behind and surprise me like this?"  I mean, that facinates me, take a second and think about how the greatest things (point to schlong) you have ever felt took you from the rear...think about that.  It's sexually facinating if you really THINK ABOUT IT and TAKE IT ALL IN ANALlytically.

You know what else in interesting?  Is how simple words that I say can make you feel so good. (remember you have been SSing her for a while by now).  It's like you feel these things (point to schlong) COMING IN YOUR REAR, ENTERING YOUR REAR, being whispered to you, and it can make you feel so good.  Don't you find that when I talk like that, when I DO IT, you can't resist and you just OPEN YOUR REAR and LET IT SLIDE INSIDE YOU, hearing those words and feeling so wonderful?

Pattern III

You know, I have this other friend, Rod, isn't it funny how I can have so many friends named Rod?

At any rate, he owns this dingy little steakhouse on the other side of town, called "Rod's Meat."  Anyways I was talking to his wife the other day over some drinks and she is kind of the manager of the place.  But she was telling me how terrible her job routine, so boring.  Everyweek she counts the money, writes the paychecks to the employees and supervises the food shipments.  Well, she was saying that her job was getting so boring, that she couldn't take it anymore.

Well, she got some relief one week when the meat shipment came in, and it was bigger than usual, and she couldn't get it the same way she had been.  She had to totally change the process, and she told me, "Sometimes you have to BREAK ROUTINE, and DO IT DIFFERENTLY."  She said that she had to get the meat in the backdoor, where she had never gotten it before, and you know it's funny, but that little break with routine, something as simple as when you GET THE MEAT (point to schlong) IN THE BACKDOOR, can make you FEEL SO GOOD.

Course, it was a little harder for her at first, since she had never done it that way before, but once she got started, and past the first part of it, as the process went on, she felt so good to have done it differently.

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