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Player Guide: Indifference to Attraction pattern

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Indifference to Attraction pattern

Disclaimer: Part of the contents/ideas appearing in this section of the Player Guide have been referenced or partially repurposed from Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction® Web Site (free newsletters), courseware products, or seminar recordings. If you find the materials in this section useful, you may want to consider looking into Ross' products, available for purchase from the Official Speed Seduction® Web Site.

Try these, if you're dying to make love to a female friend of yours:)

Pattern I. Ross Jeffries:

"Have you ever looked at somebody (sp) and seen her in a completely new light? Maybe even someone, who you never thought you could even like (sp, if you don't know her very well or she exhibits signs of indifference for you, otherwise point away from yourself), or maybe it was just a friend or acquaintance of yours (sp, if this is the case), but for some inexplicable reason you start finding him attractive. You start to think, how much fun it would be for the two or you to be together. You imagine yourself with him (sp) having the time of your life. And slowly you start to forget, what you used to think about this person before and just let go with all these new and fantastic feelings you're experiencing.

Like my friend Christina was telling me, that's how she met her boyfriend. They used to go to the same lectures/meetings/office, but he never thought much of the guy, he was just there and that was it. Then suddenly she started feeling drawn and attracted to him. And now she thinks he is the best guy she's ever been with. She told me he makes her feel… mmm… that kind of a feeling, deep inside (touch solar plexus:)"

Pattern II. Ross Jeffries:

"Have you ever been attracted to someone who wasn't even your type physically?

Like I have this friend Nancy. And when I met Nancy, I didn't think she was that appealing. I had little feelings for her whatsoever. But then when I started to get to know her, I started to notice certain things, like the first thing I noticed is that she has an absolutely great sense of humor. I mean have you ever been around someone who makes you laugh so much, just the minute you see them you're already waiting to laugh, like all they have to do is look at you and you bust out laughing.

The other thing I noticed about her is that she really likes herself, I mean her attitude was, hey, being with me is the best thing that could possibly happen to you, you had better take advantage of it right now before that chance slips away forever.

Then one day, I found myself looking through a new set of eyes. You ever look at someone(pt) through a new set of eyes. Its like I look inside and, OH MY GOD, when I look at her like that, this person is really beautiful.

I think when that happens to someone (point to her) with me in my way of thinking what I think happens is when you go inside yourself, and you find those values that are most important to you in a relationship and you think about the qualities in a personality you want your ideal lover to have and then you just find those and link them up with the person you're talking to (self-point), in such a way that you begin to think things differently, you then start to look through the eyes of attraction, cause I think when you look through the eyes of attraction, look through the eyes of desire, that's when you can make that connection, and really feel that growing.

Now that whole process can take weeks, even months of getting to know someone. But I think the real wonder is to find yourself really wondering what would it be like to surrender to the magic of that instantaneously and make that connection . . now and really feel that attraction to someone (sp). Wouldn't that be great? Isn't it just great to experience that and let it happen?"

Pattern III. From an unknown source:

"Have you ever known someone who you weren't really attracted to but then, for some mysterious reason, you just suddenly found that you started to THINK THINGS DIFFERENTLY and SEE THEM IN A WHOLE NEW WAY, AS REALLY HORNY AND GORGEOUS?"

"I mean, I think sometimes people really don't know what they want, at least consciously... but then it's like YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND DIVES DOWN (gesture action) into your subconsciousness, and just (gesture action) BRINGS BACK UP ALL THOSE DESIRES AND IMAGES AND FEELINGS INTO YOUR MIND."

"I mean, like my neighbour looked at me a couple days ago, and right out of the blue she took me by the hands (take her by the hands) and says "Can you IMAGINE IF WE WERE KISSING, and I was touching you where and how you love to be touched, kissing the way you want, and you were starting to FEEL INCREDBLY TURNED ON, so hot and turned on you like you have never been turned on before, up to the point where you simply had to have me?"

"Can you believe she said that? Well, I was totally shocked and just managed to spit out "Yes!". Although actually, I should had played back and said "Can YOU imagine ME going down on you, MY TONGUE RUNNING DOWN YOUR THIGHS, SLIPPING DEEP INTO YOU MAKING YOU SO HOT AND WET. Now, can YOU feel that pleasure just building, pulsing and throbbing all through your body? Can you IMAGINE THAT FEELING, can you FEEL THAT RIGHT NOW? (squeeze her hands - plant an anchor) Can you SEE ALL THOSE IMAGES OF GOOD LOVING, big and bright, really turning you on?"

Note: This might be all that it takes - just fire off the anchor and get in there - or if you feel you need more:

"Well that really got me so turned on. Now I feel that the experience of someone starting to FEEL UNBELIVABLY TURNED ON has a structure and a sequence to it. Like for some people, first they REALLY FEEL THOSE FEELINGS (fire anchor) and then they start to SEE THOSE INCREDIBLE IMAGES. And other people SEE THOSE IMAGES OF BURNING SEX first, and then they GET THOSE TURNED ON FEELINGS. I mean, when I SEE THOSE IMAGES, mine are moving. Are your images moving or still images?"

(Her: xxx)

"Right. I've found that the image and feelings sometimes bleed together... so as the IMAGES GET BRIGHTER AND BIGGER the FEELINGS can REALLY INTENSIFY, so they're just radiating and pulsing all through your body, and that MAKES THE PICTURES BIGGER, which MAKES THE FEELING MORE INTENSE, till you can sometimes just LOSE CONTROL COMPLETELEY and GO WILD WITH DESIRE!!!"

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