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Player Guide: Passion to Passion pattern - Fast Seduction 101 Player Guide

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Passion to Passion pattern - Fast Seduction 101 Player Guide

Passion to Passion pattern

Disclaimer: Part of the contents/ideas appearing in this section of the Player Guide have been referenced or partially repurposed from Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction® Web Site (free newsletters), courseware products, or seminar recordings. If you find the materials in this section useful, you may want to consider looking into Ross' products, available for purchase from the Official Speed Seduction® Web Site.

This pattern will actually be constructed by her. All you have to do is to carry her description of a passion for something over to a passion for someone (and not forgetting to self-point while doing that:) and ask her, how would that feel.

By Kevin Kupal, mindlist:

"It works well because you'll be seducing her from her own side of the fence, using feelings that she already feels about something she's "passionate" about, as opposed to trying to install feelings from the outside.

I have field tested this and have come to one general conclusion: it works only in women who have a "passion" for something... be it mountainclimbing, biking, helping people etc. It fails with "boring" women... the types who say "I only stay at home and watch TV".

Here are the steps.

1. Find out if she has any activity she feels "passionate" about. Most likely, these may be her work, her hobby, extra-curricular activities (if still in school)... anything she would do even if she did it for free.

2. Ask her... what's important to you in doing (activity)? What do you feel when you go (activity)?  C'mon, tell me what it feels like when you're there, actually doing (activity). At this point, I am actually putting her in an internal rep of actually doing that activity, and associating her into the states the she feels while doing the activity. I'm eliciting feelings/criteria. You're basically looking for nominalized "feelings" such as "satisfaction" , fulfillment, love, challenge, "rush" etc.

3.Then, feedback these nominalized "feelings" and  link these to you. I was just wondering...well...a funny thought occurred to me...what would it be like when you just find yourself feeling all those feelings you have for (activity) for another person (point to self)?  Can you imagine what's it like if those feelings you have for (activity), you also feel for, let's say, your boyfriend (point to self) ?


Me: I was just wondering, what do you really love doing? Name something that you would do that you find so engrossing that you'd do it, even if you were never paid to do it?

Her: Well... when I get some stacked up vacation leaves, I go mountain climbing with the local mountain climbing association.

Me : like mountain climbing. I'm curious...what is it about mountain climbing that makes you love it? What do you feel when you're mountain climbing? What's it like when you're there now, mountain climbing?

Her: Well...uphill its very hard and steep...but once you get to the summit, you can feel the wind on your face...all that exhiliration...freedom...sense of accomplishment and just this feeling of fulfillment...those make the hike worth every step...

Me: (giggle a little)...A funny thought just came over me. I'm just wondering, what would it be like if you could feel all those feelings in another human being? I mean, what if you could just IMAGINE, having a boyfriend (point to self, subtly) who also makes you FEEL ALL THAT EXHILIRATION...that FREEDOM that sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT and deep FULFILLMENT. When YOU'VE FOUND THAT GUY, when the time comes that YOU'RE LOOKING AT HIM...feeling all those feelings...NOW what would it be like?

Her : Gee...I'd do him just as much as I do mountain climbing...and with equal passion...oh...I didn't mean it like I said it! (hahaha...Freudian slip!)

(yada yada)"

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