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Player Guide: The Rose patterns

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The Rose patterns

Disclaimer: Part of the contents/ideas appearing in this section of the Player Guide have been referenced or partially repurposed from Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction® Web Site (free newsletters), courseware products, or seminar recordings. If you find the materials in this section useful, you may want to consider looking into Ross' products, available for purchase from the Official Speed Seduction® Web Site.

Pattern I

An excellent pattern by Brother Soul, Mindlist:

"The basic theory of this pattern is to use it as a method to take the woman into a deep trance (she will actually assist you – isn’t that great?!?!) and put your picture in her place where she loves someone and then lock it in as absolutely true. Now, this type of pattern will create a real obsession and will lock in her feelings for you. The one problem is that it really shouldn’t be used in most contexts unless you are really sure that this is a keeper. So, use of this pattern is very very dangerous. Please use caution because you just might have created an obsessive person. This basically creates a strong compulsion via submodality shifts and locks in that change. My suggestion is to use this on your girlfriend or wife.

The setup for this pattern is to engage the woman in conversation. I will assume, for the purposes of this pattern, that you are able to get her into fluff talk. During the fluff talk, develop rapport, and ask about how sometimes you have a down day and feel bad. Then tell her you learned this great visualization exercise in a relaxation book. Now, women love talking about and doing anything related to self-help and improving themselves. Ask her if you could show her this exercise that will allow her to feel really great at any time (most woman will agree to this – if she doesn't, well... you're out of luck... and would you want her anyway???).

(Note: First, have her close her eyes and set it up as a visualization exercise to help her feel good... absolutely wonderful, at any time she wishes)


You know, I learned this great visualization exercise that really helps you pick yourself up when you aren’t feeling that great. It really has helped me just perk myself up during the day and just make me feel wonderful. Would you like me to show it to you, so that you too can do this and feel absolutely wonderful? It will only take a minute or two and really will bless you with the things it can do for you.

Her: Oh yes. I would love that. Yada Yada Yada.

Okay. I would love to share this with you and really contribute to your happiness [notice the set-up for reciprocity]. I invite you to visualize a mental screen much like a movie screen, in front of you. As you see this mental screen, allow yourself to see your favorite flower. And, as you see this flower, allow the full sensory rich detail of the flower to be on the mental screen. See it in vivid color, each detail of the flower springing forth. Now, if I were to ask you which type of flower you are seeing, what would you say was the type of the flower? (good way to learn her favorite flower)

Her: Roses (tulips, carnations, etc.)

Doesn’t it FEEL WONDERFUL to see the rose in such beautiful detail? As you see that flower, see the beautiful color of the rose. Allow the rich texture of it to become alive. While you see this color, hear the rustle of the petals as you see the wind blow slightly against the petal. And, reach out and allow the smell to become stronger, richer, and oh so beautiful. You can notice that it makes you FEEL SO RELAXED AND COMFORTABLE.

Now, as you look at this beautiful rose... if you were to visualize a picture of a family member you love dearly, like say your child, parent, or someone special, where would it be on the mental screen. Allow yourself to notice the location of where that picture was (notice presupp. here). What would really make that rose wonderful, would be to place that rose in the same location as where you saw the picture of the family member. As you now see the picture of the rose in that special place, let each petal of the rose represent some aspect of a goal, dream, or wish you want to have in your life. Allow YOUR UNCONSCIOUS mind to place those goals, dreams, and wishes in the flower. As you do this, see me in that picture smiling as you hand me that rose to hold for you. Allowing you to FEEL WONDERFUL at the knowledge that you can ask for the rose at any moment and I will hand it to you and making you FEEL SO WONDERFUL.

Now as you feel these feelings, see that picture becoming more clear, more focused. The picture is full of rich texture, reach three-dimensional detail. Allow the smell to grow, smell the sweet scent of the flower. Allow the picture to grow larger, with each breath, it grows larger. And as you see it grow, the picture comes closer to you…become more clear. Moving closer to you. See the color becoming more vivid, more detailed. And, it becomes more sharp, and becomes more and more like a movie... with movement.

Now, allow YOUR MINE to take this flower within yourself. Sometimes, the conscious mind gets in the way of your growth. Allow YOUR UNCONCIOUS mind to find that special place within you. That special place where you hold everything to be absolutely true. You know where that special place is, and as you feel and sense that special place, allow the picture of me holding that flower to GO DEEP INSIDE within that special place and lock in there. As that picture of me holding the flower locks in, hear the clanging sound similar to the slamming of a gate. You know that the picture is now locked into your place of absolute truth.

Now, it might surprise you how your unconscious mind will allow this picture of me holding the flower to pop up during your days to remind you of these wonderful feelings and allow you to FEEL SO FABULOUS. And, during your sleep, your unconcious mind will allow this to become a dream….helping you to FEEL SO GOOD.



Now, this pattern does not rely on embedded commands to create a horny state in the woman. But, let me assure you, by the end of this pattern, the woman will be so wet for you. The great thing about this pattern is, that it not only creates physical arousal, it also creates the "warm fuzzies" that creates rapport and connection with you. Its like a two for one deal. The key to the pattern is that it links you to all her hopes, wishes, desires, and dreams (you holding the flower) and places that picture of you (moving pictures) in the location where she has pictures of those that she loves. Now the kicker is, that it moves that picture into her place of absolute truth to forever lock her love to you. The whole process of asking her to allow you to show this to her is that it really takes her (with her own help) into a trance, a highly relaxing trance."

Pattern II

You can make her feel good, warm and trustful by having her imagine the symbol of eternal love and happyness - the rose - in extravagant detail. Notice the messages of the fleeting nature beauty and seizing/enjoying the moment. The seduction was conducted via the internet (thus all the "imagine me hugging you" stuff etc:), but as always - tailor it to your own needs. By Jobet Claudio, Mindlist:

Me: Look...when you think about it...everything is fleeting. It's not how long you've had a guy... it's the wonderful memories that you can share together, right here, and right now. Let me give you an example. Imagine... a rose. A beautiful rose... now... hold it by the stem... gently... mind the thorns... now... look at the petals... notice the soft color of the petals... and how soft the petals are to touch... how silky smooth they are... it's such a wonderful, beautiful thing of creation... now... look at it in wonder of nature's beauty. Realize now... that this rose... may not look like this any more... perhaps in a couple of hours... it will lose its freshness as it eventually withers. But what's important... right now... is that you are looking at it... in all its splendour and beauty. Right now, you have it... for you to enjoy. For your eyes to look at... for it to warm your heart and make you feel so good. Its just like love. It may not always be there... it may be with you for only a short time... what's important... is to make every moment count... to make every memory of it a wonderful thing to look back upon.

Her: [a simulated response on the general theme of being mistrustful] But I can't trust anyone anymore. I'll just get hurt again.

Me: [a trust-building image in response to the above] Okay. This will make YOU FEEL BETTER. Take a deep breath... and that rose that you're holding... now... I'm handing back this rose... back to you...take it gently from my hand... Now... doesn't that feel so good... just to realize that you can trust someone with your deepest longings... your fondest dreams... your greatest desires? I'll be there if you need me. last thing...what I want you to do... is to look down at where that good feeling is coming from... and notice how it can get twice as strong... twice as good when you allow it to grow (go for 10 X after you're done with this).

Her: [a simulated response on the general theme of feeling so good that it made her cry] Enough enough! No more please! [silence] You made me cry here on my computer, you know, it felt so good.

Me: Okay okay... here... I'm hugging you now... feel the warmth of my arms."

Pattern III

To make the imaginary rose you give her feel even more special, you can use the following excerpt suggested by Ned Ragdnuos on ASF:
"Picture a rose in your mind, smell the fragrance, see the frops of sparkling dew on the leaves, feel how the thorns are so sharp they penetrate your skin, yet somehow the feeling is pleasurable, like the feelings of SURRENDER, NOW TO ME I find that when I give a rose with my imagination, it's so much more real that those roses that other guys give, because they fade away (point away), whereas (continue describing how the rose you have given her will stay in her heart always, growing a little each day, until perhaps you'll meet again)."

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