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Player Guide: Stone Necklace pattern

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Stone Necklace pattern

Disclaimer: Part of the contents/ideas appearing in this section of the Player Guide have been referenced or partially repurposed from Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction® Web Site (free newsletters), courseware products, or seminar recordings. If you find the materials in this section useful, you may want to consider looking into Ross' products, available for purchase from the Official Speed Seduction® Web Site.

By Bishop:

"Keep in mind, as always, that this is NOT a "magic bullet»" so it should be used as part of an overall seduction structure. Also keep in mind that I DO NOT say this to a babe word-for-word. I wrote it out long this way because I tend to recall more when I'm out sarging, if my patterns were written with a shitload of details. (And also so I knew where I wanted to go with it, and what commands I wanted to include.)

"I've been staring at your necklace, wondering why it reminded me of something, and now I remember what it was.

I recall a story I had read once, called "The Eros Stone Necklace." It was about a woman who was growning apart from her lover, and was losing faith in love.

One night she was out walking, up in the mountains near her home. As she sat upon some rocks, and was staring up at the stars, she made a wish that a man would come into her life, and fill her with the adventure she had been missing. Suddenly, there was a flash around her, which at first startled her. But then she began to… FEEL VERY RELAXED. A nice… soothing… comfortable feeling filled her body. Then an image flashed into her head. An image of passion so incredible… so fulfilling, that she almost thought she were dreaming. At first she tried to deny that she was starting to… FEEL A WARMTH DEEP INSIDE… because she was afraid to feel that good. But the more she allowed herself to… FEEL THAT WARMTH INCREASE, the stronger it became, and the more she wanted this to continue. Then she started to... HEAR THIS VOICE…inside her mind. And the more she allowed herself to... LISTEN TO THIS VOICE… the more it relaxed her, the more it warmed her, the more it caused her to… LISTEN INTENTLY TO WHAT'S SAID. The voice began to change, and started to sound like her own voice. And this voice said to her, "Focus on what is in front of you, and you will discover that which you desire." Then, POOF, the voice was gone, leaving her to… UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS SAID.

She put her hand to her chest, to settle her breathing, and felt something around her neck. She pulled it forward, and saw that where there was once nothing, there was now a beautiful necklace, with a (the color of her stone) colored stone. She was of course confused at first, but then she recalled the voice that she had heard, and what it had said to her; FOCUS ON THIS (point to self) RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU… AND YOU WILL… FIND WHAT YOU DESIRE. Now, it all becomes clear. She has the necklace, and somehow it will give her what she desires. Without even fully understanding what is happening, the decision is made to pursue this…to have what is desired deep down inside. She said to herself, "No matter what anyone else says to you, this is what you want (point to self) this is what you deserve, and you're going to do it for all your own reasons."

The next day she went into town to buy some things, and was amazed… by what happened… upon entering the market.

(Stay quiet and wait for her to say something)

Upon entering the market, she saw this man (point to self) and felt a tingle, give me your hands (when she gives you her hands do this) a tingle like this, and warmth, a very strong warmth, that ran (slowly move finger up arm) all the way… up her body.

The man's eyes caught her eyes, and they stared for several moments. That warmth deep inside, began to get stronger, and stronger, and stronger. And as the man approached her, she started to FEEL DESIRE FORMING deep inside of her… right… in… here (touch solar plexus). It was like an energy had formed around them, like a soft… private bubble, surrounding them from the rest of the world. In this moment only these two people (motion back and forth subtly) existed.

He smiled, and said not a single word, and instead kissed her lips softly. She closed her eyes and took in the moment (take in a breath, then let it out slowly with a slight moan). At last, she had found the man who would make her feel alive again. The man pulled back to look into her eyes, and whispered softly, "What can I do, what can I say, to make you mine, if but only for a night?" She thought about what it was she wanted, and asked herself, "What do you want deep down inside of you? What is missing from your life right now that you want from this man?" And with only a smile, she took his hand, and lead him out of the market.

They talked for hours, sharing insights, and opinions, dreams, and desires. Then they simply fell into each others arms, and made love for the night. It was unlike anything she could imagine. He touched her exactly how she wanted to be touched, made love to her exactly how she wanted to be made love to. And all of this was the result of a chance encounter, and a magical necklace. As they held each other later, he complimented her on her necklace. She revealed to him what had happened the previous night on the mountain, and how she came to possess the necklace. He kissed her lips, then said, "Every time you become aware of having this necklace, think of me. And every time you touch this necklace, I will feel your touch upon my face, and I will smile." They parted the next morning, but made plans to meet again that evening.

Sadly, she decided not to meet him after all, for she feared that this magical, wonderful, amazing adventure she had shared with this man (point to self) would eventually be ruined for one reason or another someday. She instead chose to REMEMBER FOREVER that one perfect night, with this one perfect man. She thought of him often, and his image was never far from her mind. And ever day she would touch that necklace, and every day she would FEEL AN INCREDIBLE WARMTH for she knew, that somewhere, he was smiling.""

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