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Player Guide: Nickname-tease

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A woman's curiosity is a wonderful tool. You can use it anyway you like, but here is an example of an excellent use if it. What you do, is you let her know, that you've just thought of a wonderful nick-name for her. Leave a message on her answering-machine or send her an e-mail. Her intrigue and curiosity towards you will skyrocket and for example if she hasn't been returning your calls or e-mails for a week, you can expect a call or a mail in half an hour, I'm serious:) This is also a wonderful way to kick-start a new relationship. Then of course, when she contacts you, don't tell her the nickname (and by god, don't tell her you were only tricking her:), let her beg for it, let her fry in her own curiosity. And whatever you do, don't give away the nickname over the phone or through an e-mail, say it is too personal for that, get her to meet:) Now its your call, when exactly you're going to tell her the nickname, but don't do it a minute too soon because (now don't be surprised!:) she might be willing to make out with you and even end up in bed with you just to find out her nickname:) During all this, it helps, if you actually really do have a nickname for her:) And if it is sweet, endearing and romantic - all the better:) So when you finally do give it to her, you might find her infinitely grateful to you:) Here's an example of an initial e-mail on this subject (ASF):

"For whatever reason, as I was walking outside this evening, I thought of the most wonderful nickname for you. Like have you ever been thinking about someone, and it's like you almost feel their spirit gently whisper inside your mind, and you talk to them even though they may be miles away. Some people look up at the moon and realise that the one that can share their deepest thoughts can see the same moonlight that evening, drifting down through the clouds.

Anyway, I hope you, like me are having a great day.
[your phone number here]

If she doesn't call you, she ain't human. NEXT!

If you really can't think of a nick-name on your own, you can use this advice by Anubis, ASF:

"Find a personality facet that shines (or which she thinks shines) and put aside an analogous word that describes it. Then search for something about her appearance that glows with rarity (or which she spends a lot of time trying to make glow) and put aside an analogous word to describe that.

You now have two romantic/endearing/sexy analogues which, when put together, perform the wondrous neologic magic of a nickname!

Of course, if the magic goes a little sour, you'll have cooked up a nickname which even you can't stomach. In that case, throw it in the bin and start again. It actually gets very easy once you've done that a few times."

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