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Player Guide: Become your own "friend" for her

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Become your own "friend" for her

Introduction to long-distance seduction
Although this guide has so far pretty much avoided the topic of long-distance seductions as it is the belief of the author that the ability to perform on the field is what ultimately makes or brakes a seducer, such techniques are important tools for many nevertheless. The ability to perform long-distance becomes handy mostly due to various time or space constraints when you can not have face-to-face interactions, but as an added bonus it can sometimes even prove to be more efficient than a direct approach could or would have been (don't count on it though, just keep it in mind when forced to go long-distace to keep you in good spirits:). Actually, most of the suggestions in this guide can actually be incorporated into a long-distance seduction without too much hassle anyway, but in addition to that you'll find a few more long-distance specific techniques in this section of the guide.

Become your own "friend" for her

By Kent "Klorm" Sayre, Mindlist:

"Hi all! I've got a technique for you that helps get the initial response when responding to email personal ads. I designed it for my friend and then realized that one person could use it. Essentially, I answer a woman's personal ad on behalf of my friend. As we all know, someone speaking highly of you is of course more persuasive than you tooting your own horn. Here's an example message I've been sending on behalf of my friend and he's been getting a good number of responses.

Hi there. I'm responding to your AOL profile on behalf of my friend Mark. I hear him saying about the women he dates and the games that they play and how he has had enough of it. He's looking for an honest, no-games-playing woman who likes to have fun. So, being his good friend, I thought I'd do him this favor of replying because you seem like you'd be a good match for him.

Now stop for a moment, as you sit there, looking at the screen, reading my message, and imagine what it would be like to *enjoy yourself* out with a guy who is intelligent, funny, good-looking, athletic, educated, and financially successful. While you imagine that guy, you might become aware that the guy I'm having you imagine is my friend Mark. Naturally, you might now wonder how you can *contact him*. And that's why I'm here. When you email Mark, tell him his good friend Kent said you two appear to be an obvious match. His email is mar***-@ya***.com[ ? ]



Now, you may be asking yourself now, how easily can this technique be adapted to one person acting alone? Well, the short answer is - very easily. All you need to do is be your own "friend". Sign up for another email account, preferably at a different email service provider (e.g., hotmail) and then send mail as your "friend" for yourself."

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