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Player Guide: Ejecting

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You don't always have to close. Ross Jeffries: "I don't need to win all the time; I size up a woman's potential and either go for it or move on and cut my losses FAST. Sometimes the best choice is just to say, "adios" and move on. When you realise that you don't have to win (or close) all the time, then it takes the pressure off and you become much more relaxed. Ironically, and paradoxically, this almost always leads to your winning far more often than you ever imagined possible!!!!"

In addition to her not rising up to meet your standards, you could be dealing with a woman who for some reason or another simply isn't interested. So if you are getting none of the signs of her being interested in you in a reasonable amount of time after a reasonable amount of effort on your part to demonstrate personality and entertain her (with the help of using eliciting values, patterns, GM style, neghits, telling anecdotes or funny/interesting/intriguing stories etc), you should call it off and eject.

So many uninitiated chumps just linger on forever in the hopes of getting the girl interested, maybe, somehow, at some point... which leaves the bored and frustrated woman no other option than ejecting him herself, often ending the interaction on a bad vibe and having wasted both of their times longer than should have been necessary. If however you know when to cut your losses and quit, you have a good chance of ending the conversation when everything is still good (leaving an opening for a possible future interaction), you show that you are not desperate or overeager making you look more desireable (which will further enhance a possibility of a future interaction) and your time will be better spent looking for and interacting with other girls who know to appreciate you instead of this one who does not etc. You were only offering her a chance and she failed to grab it, but you have no need to push it - you know your stuff is good, so just eject and move on.

Here's an example ejection phrase suggested by Mystery for use in a club/bar situation: "The night's young... pleasure meeting you".

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