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Player Guide: Alienating the boyfriend in her mind

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Alienating the boyfriend in her mind

Taken from "Sweep women off their feet...":

"We all know that not one person in this world is perfect. If you begin talking about relationships, feel free to discuss the little things that bother people in a relationship in general and later get her to give you examples of some of the things that bug her about her boyfriend or husband. At first she may not say much, but if she can relate to the day to day problems in a relationship that you describe in general the more likely it is for her to agree with you on some points. When she does you can get her to be more specific. Once there's a crack, amplify it.

At first sympathize with the situation and somehow try to find the positive in it, and how her boyfriend or husband can justify that particular behavior through love and so on. But slowly and surely as the negatives of the situation are amplified, abandon your understanding for her boyfriend/husband's behavior and begin to offer her an alternative. Tell her how you think things should be and make sure they favor her. Begin to act exactly as she would love her husband to act while still intensifying her disappointment (if not anger) with him. Now's the time to be there for her, and once you've successfully alienated her boyfriend or husband (even if only for the moment) begin your seduction from either the interest or even desire stage. When it comes to the last stage of your seduction, try not to bring up the boyfriend again unless she's the one who brings it up, and if she does, just re-enforce that alienation.

Along the same lines, when you are trying to alienate the boyfriend or husband, you should never say that they are bad and you are good, just show them how you think a wonderful relationship should be and how certain behavior exhibited by their boyfriends/husbands is at the very least questionable in a loving relationship. Questioning specific behavior is the easiest and fastest way to cast doubt over the entire relationship or at the very least his feelings for her.

For example, if a girl goes out with her friends on a girl's night out without her boyfriend, just question his desire to be with her. At first she will be happy and loving towards him because he is understanding and giving her the independence she needs, but when you question his motives for it she will begin to question them too.

"I know it's great to be able to go out with your girlfriends and have a good time, but would he not want to be here with you and enjoy your company and perhaps dance with you and kiss you at the right moment when a slow dance ends?"

"We both need some independence and he understands that I need to see my friends once in a while too."

"I understand independence and it's great, but being as beautiful as you are, is he not a bit jealous not knowing how many guys out there might try to pick you up, or does he not care about that possibility?"

"He trusts me."

"Does he encourage you to go out with your girlfriends often? You know my first impression would be that you are such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful boyfriend/husband, but my nature just won't let go of certain things that sound off tiny little alarms. Have you ever called him on your night out? Is he even there, or is this a good chance for him to go out with his buddies too?

"Even if he is, what's wrong with that? I'm out here with my friends?"

"Yes, but you're not guys. Do all his buddies have girlfriends and just go out for a drink? Or do they go out to pick up some girls? I'm not saying that he would do that, but if his buddies are, what exactly is he doing with them?

I must say that I admire that you have such an open relationship, I don't know if I could let you go if I had a girlfriend like you. I think I'd want to spend as much time with you as possible. How can anybody ever get tired and need a break from seeing you and whispering sweet little nothings in your ears? I guess I just don't understand, but it sounds like he must be a great guy. I'm sure that he is the kind of guy who would…(describe the most wonderful and romantic things a guy could possibly say and do to a woman), otherwise I know he wouldn't stand a chance of being with a girl like you. I know you must be the kind of girl who wouldn't settle for anything less and would never expect anything less from a guy. You are so lucky.

I'll tell you, a guy who would ever take you for granted even in the smallest way would have to be too selfish to even realize what he's got. But I know someone like that would definitely lose out to the competition because I'm sure any red-blooded guy in this world would do just about anything to be with a girl like you, and I'm not just saying that, I can point out a number of guys that have been just staring at you all night.

It must be such a wonderful feeling to know that you are admired, loved and appreciated isn't it? And I'm not talking about those guys, but the one at home, who in my mind questionably still isn't here with you."

If she goes to the phone at any time throughout the evening, that's a good sign. She's starting to question some of those things too and is looking for reassurance hoping that he is home. If he is home, chances are that the conversation will not go very well especially if he can hear the loud party atmosphere in the background. In addition if you were able to plant even the smallest seeds of jealousy in her mind, she will act in a way that would cause him to be defensive on the phone. If for some reason they have even the smallest fight, you've got a chance. Start treating her like she would like her boyfriend to treat her, and work on those desires and romance."

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