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Player Guide: If she says she has a boyfriend

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If she says she has a boyfriend

Don't ever, never, ever ask if she has a boyfriend! Maybe she does, maybe not - so what, who cares?

Maybe she does, but wants to have a little fun - your prompting about a possible borefriend will put her off the mood, she'll move on to another guy and get what she came looking for anyway. Or maybe she does, but is also pretty curious about you and wouldn't want the existence of a boyfriend scare you away. She might even be considering dumping him in favour of you. Once you've extracted that information from her however, she might just write you off in her mind.

If however she blurts it out without prompting, it still doesn't mean anything. Maybe she really thought she wanted to scare you away, but she really didn't know what she was doing:) Take it humorously, be light-hearted and give her another chance:)


HB: Sorry, but I have a boyfriend.
You: *Laughing* Hey, I just met you and you are already telling me about your problems:)?

ASF: "If I ask her to meet me somewhere and she says "But I have boyfriend", I answer with "If he makes you happy, then you could bring him along." Then I ask, "Does he make you happy?". I decide if I should follow up based on the response. Most have had some complaints about him which gives me something that I can work with later and a topic of discussion."

Maniac High (, ASF: "[One reason she might be saying she has a BF is that] she really does have a BF, likes you, but doesn't want to feel guilty about cheating on her BF. This is classical "chick logic" at work here and is good, because it means you are on your way to a fuck, even in spite of the BF... Basically this happens because she thinks that if she tells you about the BF now, she can relax and let you you fuck her anyways, since its "not her fault now" that she fucked you, because, she *did* tell you about the boyfriend, and you ignored it, ie. she "had no choice in the matter"."

Use this one if the boyfriend comes up for the first time in the conversation. If she keeps insisting on it, move on to any other boyfriend smashing-bashing technique described in this guide. Mystery, ASF:
HER: I have a boyfriend.
ME: That's nice ... so anyway ....
REASONING - ignore the topic and so will she.

Aaron R. Kulkis, ASF:
Her: "I have a boyfriend"
You: "Thats *good* - I'm not really looking for a girlfriend either:)"
Comments by Alphahot1, ASF: "Try to say it as congruently as possible and with no sarcasm. Now you have put her a little more at ease and consequently, she will be more open to you. NOW, proceed to SS the fuck out of her with everything you can hit her with. After about 15 or 20 minutes, you won't have to worry about any boyfriend. Because she will now want *YOU* to be her boyfriend!! Plain and simple.

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