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Player Guide: Miscellaneous suggestions and observations about seduction

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Miscellaneous suggestions and observations about seduction

Misc I

  • Women love men just as much as we love women. Women love sex just as much as we do. Women are gonna get it somewhere, may as well be you.
  • Women need romance. The way to a woman's panties is through her mind, heart, and soul.
  • No matter how hard the shell, they all have a soft centre.
  • Get to know everything you can about women. Study this subject.
  • You can never build too much rapport. Good rapport is the foundation of the relationship.
  • Be playful. Be confident». Be in charge.
  • The more you make her laugh, the closer you are to where you want to be. Take every opportunity to make her laugh.
  • Never ask her for anything, instead suggestively entice and let her give to you. If there is to be an exception, then simply tell her what will be.
  • When she is being difficult, challenge her.
  • Never give her anything, instead reward her. If she will not give you anything, give her a reason to, or challenge her to, or dare her to.
  • Maintain a high self esteem at all costs. This may mean cutting your losses at times.
  • Make yourself more attractive. Work out regularly. Wear better clothes. Watch the guys who get the girls and wear what they wear. It's not that fucking hard to do and it goes a long fucking ways. Women have a saying "You are what you wear."
  • Get to know poetry. It is the perfect medium for you to lubricate her, but in a romantic and metaphorical way. Best thing: she thinks you are a poetic, deep, and sensual man; not a pervert, even though you are being a total pervert, hehe:)
  • And… Always… Eye contact, Eye contact, Eye contact!

Misc II

Seduction is largely a matter of not making the same mistakes. Not making mistakes includes:

  • Not being supplicating
  • Not moving too fast or pushing her
  • Not walking past obviously perfect opportunities
  • Not avoiding a woman just because you might think that she is not the ideal woman
  • Not giving up on her if a voice in your head tries to tell you there is some reason to drop it
  • Not giving a shit about rejection.

More mistakes to avoid. Vincent Runza, ASF:

  • Timid, unsure behavior in front of girls.
  • Offering to 'get her something' - a drink, food, chair, etc. is called supplication - DON'T DO IT!
  • A cting like she is more special than you are - she isn't, BTW.
  • Asking her a question and not listening to the answer.
  • Counting yourself out with a girl before you've even met.
  • Assuming she's not the type to take you somewhere right now and fuck your brains out - even the best of us occasionally make that mistake.

Mr Happy, ASF: "This is one of the BASICS: Once you demonstrate to a woman that she can manipulate you, she loses all sexual attraction for you and designates you as a pawn."

Misc III

To have sex with a girl you must..

  1. appear confident and in control. CONTROL / ATTRACTION.
  2. be entertaining and spontaneous. REWARD.
  3. be friendly and charming. REWARD.
  4. not have the appearance of being broke. CONTROL / ATTRACTION.
  5. wear nice clean clothes and smell ok. ATTRACTION.
  6. not appear too eager. ATTRACTION.

CONTROL = Your state when you are not "rewarding" the girl. REWARD = Milk and cookies… ATTRACTION = I have something that you're looking for:)

Details of the above six characteristics:

  1. Appearance of confidence and control comes from body language», facial expression and mannerisms... Try to make as many decisions as possible on your own, have the look like whatever progress that's happening with the girl is just the way you expected it to go, even appear to check out other girls occasionally... Do not look unusually happy just because the girl said something nice. Occasionally NEG HIT, if you see the intensity dropping off somewhat… NEG HIT as punishment and do so jokingly.
  2. Spontaneity / Entertainment can be demonstrated with a good sense of humour and quick thinking... If you can make humorous responses even to the dull comments that girls make and then anchor all the favourable responses you are doing well. Whenever a girl seems to be laughing sincerely and not for the sake of politeness make sure to anchor that somehow… So as to keep the best times memorable... Do not do this constantly though. Do this in response to positive feed back from her conversation/body language»/posture. Do not give away too much of this. This is like a reward.
  3. To be friendly and charming show the girl glimpses of you being a "gentleman" do so only when she seems to have done/said something nice to you. She will be able to see that those kind of behaviours that you like to see from her lead her to your soft inner self. Girls like to change bad boys into nice guys. They like to think that they can change your behaviour. Its an ego trip for them and this is also a reward. This is a stronger one than 2.
  4. e.g. Open the door for the girl for example if she rubbed your crotch in the night club...
  5. Don't wear cheap trash. Do not hang with people that do.
  6. As above.
  7. To not appear too eager, you must not go physical prematurely and must not go to sexual audio prematurely. A girl will often mention sex directly and/or indirectly with speech and/or physical contact. Safest bet is to initiate the sexual part of the PU after such an indication and not before... Stick to the control/reward phase until such indication. Exceptions apply of course but rarely... Almost always you will be aware of the girls readiness to move into sexual directions. For the exceptions just start KINO with the neutral bodyzones moving into more sexual and your movement should proceed with regard to the girls feedback.

ASF: "And do not spend more than 10 minutes with any one girl if you have not been given any signal to get EL PHYSICAL:)"

Sales techniques applied to seduction. And vice versa. Jake Thomson, ASF:

"At one point in my life I worked in sales, and yes, I used the principles discussed in speed seduction» to make sales. It works quite nicely as it's simply basic persuasion. This is the process for making ecological sales and/or seductions.

0. Get rapport.

1. Qualify your prospect. Are they good enough for your product? IOW, do they have the means and the ability to pay for it? Are they the decision maker? If yes, proceed. Else, eject and find another prospect.

2. Further qualify your prospect. Take the time to find out what their most desired emotional states are. Is your product good for them? Will it help to fill their wants/needs as the prospect perceives them? Also, you may want to learn what their least desired states are. IOW, what emotions will they do almost anything to avoid experiencing? Will your product/service help them avoid those least desired states? If yes to either of these conditions, proceed. Else, eject and find another prospect.

3. Learn your prospect's convince themselves to buy strategy.

4. Capture and lead your prospect's imagination.

5. Help them access those highly valued emotions they have and link those emotional states to owning/having your product/service. And/or help them link their least desired states to NOT owning/having your product/service. Do this in a way that fits the prospects convince themselves to buy strategy.

6. Accelerate/increase your prospect's emotional states until they compel action to buy.

7. Do a take away and make them prove that they can and will avoid buyers remorse.

8. Let them buy your product/service, deliver the goods, and collect your paycheck.

Keep in mind that in sales or seduction you want to strive for a win/win situation, i.e.. value given for value received for BOTH sides."

Mystey's rules, ASF:

RULE: Enthusiasm is contagious. Act enthused about something that happened to you and so will she.

RULE: Convey your day has been INCREDIBLE and then proceed to explain WHY. Like meeting her is completely secondary. NOTHING can wreck this day!

RULE: Connect with her using "I live my life one day at a time" attitudes.

RULE: Connect with her using "So many people are so judgemental about things. You seem really open and fun".

Jargon's rules, ASF:

The attitude:

  • - Your time is valuable. Don't waste your time. Use it effectively.
  • - Women want and enjoy sex
  • - Go play. Get girls into bed. That is *IT*. That's the goal.
  • - Everything is an opportunity.
  • - There is no failure. You either learn or you succeed.


  • - It's up to you to approach. Don't wait longer that 3 seconds.
  • - Approach often.
  • - Learn how to hold a conversation. Engage your listeners. Listen well when others speak.
  • - Avoid typical pick-up spots. Women are on guard.
  • - Be conversational and friendly in your "approach." You don't want her to put up her defenses.
  • - Any place is a good place.
  • - Get her away from others, even if briefly
  • - Don't be afraid to say "adios" at any point.

General Conversation

  • - Learn the art of conversation
  • - Complement her choices and skills, not her. (Clothes, hair style, projects, etc.)
  • - Speak of your hopes and ambitions. Show that you are going somewhere in your life.
  • - Invoke memories in her that bring up positive, in-love, open emotions.
  • - Catch her imagination
  • - Use kino, communication by touch.
  • - Listen to her. Ask her question.
  • - Echo her values.


  • - Don't linger too long. AFC's linger. Your time is valuable.
  • - Challenge her for her number, don't ask. Lead. Do not supplication. It will be her idea to give you her number if you do everything right.
  • - Listen to her. She will give you opportunities. It's up to you to spot and identify those opportunities. That's not always easy.

Ned Ragdnuos, ASF: "You "gain points" by changing her state of mind, making her feel curious, happy, mersmerized by you, feeling that you understand her better than anyone else in the world, feeling that she's known you forever, feeling like she can remember already having gone out with you and had a great time, and looking back on this moment in time as having been the start of it all. It's just language, you can be as playful as you want.

If she tells you that she thinks you are trying to pick her up, you make no apologies, and agree with her, saying that you do want to fuck her... but you'd rather prefer to get to know her first.

DrLove, Mindlist: "For most women, they have experienced pain in a relationship before and they often want some sort of re-assurance that they won't have to re-experience this. This is a little difficult and every situation requires a different approach. Here are a few guiding principles that come to mind:

1) Have in your own mind the belief that what you have to offer her is truely beneficial to both of you. You mustn't have any hidden reservations or doubts about the benevolence of your intentions.

2) BE HONEST! I know this runs contrary to what some "successful" seducers may tell you but long term it does result in the best out come for all concerned. Even if you are seeing other women, she'll appreciate you more if you're open and upfront about it. Honesty will show in your congruency (see also Managing many relationships at once).

3) Be original and creative. Never let her know what to expect from you. This will set you apart from all the jerks and AFCs she's met before. It will also keep her on her toes. One of our mindlist sisters gave the brilliant metaphor of peeling away layers of an onion (in discovering what a man is like) - use her advice! (see also Have and reveal secrets).

4) Be willing to show your true emotions. When you feel angry, say so! This will re-inforce her trust in you.

5) Do whatever you can to make her feel good. I know this sounds obvious, but the manner in which you do it is important: don't supplicate and don't try to buy your way into her pants, surprise her with your words, with poetry, with visualisation exercises.

6) Make sure her neuro-associations with you are positive. This means DO NOT ACT AS HER COUNSELLOR, THERAPIST OR BUDDY! Remember the rule: When you discuss a woman's problem with her, you become her problem.

Johnny Shack ( "What are your greatest attributes? You need to make them ****SHINE**** like diamonds. Your weakpoints will need to be brought to a reasonable standard so they won't be an achilles' heel. If you own a great car don't be afraid to show it. Just don't make it obvious. If your car is a bomb then make sure you don't present it as one. If you have great legs then show them. If you don't there is no need to be wearing shorts in the middle of winter even if the sun is out. Do the best with what you have!"

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