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Ross comments on

Ross Jeffries has set up a website, the sole purpose is which is getting him more girls. The site contains only one page of text, but as that text is supposed to get any female that happes to read it irresistably curious and intrigued about the author of that text (who happens to be Ross:), intrigued to the point of contacting him in hopes of being able to offer him some company, then it is safe to assume, that Ross has done his best to make that text as effective as possible.

You can either go check out the site - - or read the text here with commentaries from Ross:

Did you ever instantly know you were going to like and trust someone for a long, long time?

(A simple use of languaging to get them to recall feeling a state of trust so that everything else that follows is accepted and acceptable)

Maybe you only knew them for a short while but it seemed that you had known them your whole life, as if there were a timeless connection between you.

(A more detailed description to deepen the experience)

As you read these words and remember those amazing feelings,

(Linking ongoing behavior to the feelings I wish them to have)

it's good to know that sometimes life has a way of making us remember those things, right prior to discovering that we can experience those feelings again...

(The fact that she IS remembering these things is PROOF that she is about to experience it again. She isn't experiencing them because she's reading the languaging... but because she's about to experience it again! It isn't a production... it is an OMEN! A PROOF!)

With me... in my experience, it's the kind of thing that can't be forced and no essay or words can create it.

(Therefore her feeling it is NOT because of the fact she's reading something LOADED with languaging! It MUST be natural..and therefore, not to be resisted!)

Words and appearances are only expressions, the vehicles that contain the essence that moves us. It can only happen naturally as the expression of an energy between two people,

(Again, it isn't a MANIPULATION but a DISCOVERY!)

but when it's just like that feeling of incredible bonding, when all the barriers melt and drop way, and two people come together, fused into one spiritual essence,

(more detailed description to deepen the state and the ambiguity of "come together" begins the process of sexualizing it)

the mingling of energies feeding one to the other, building and increasing and intensifying, mingling into an expression of aliveness that words can initiate but never capture fully.

(Hmmm... if WORDS can't fully capture it, then the only way for her to get ALL the goodies... the ENTIRE cookie... is to MAKE IT REAL WITH ACTIONS!)

It has instead to be indulged inside your own imagination...dwelled on, contemplated, experienced, deep, deep inside you.

( I want her looping on it....not just reading once and forgetting it...)

I do not know if you are the kind of person

(A SHE sharp enough...DEEP enough...GOOD enough?)

that can imagine enjoying that that kind connection, with someone wonderful who deeply moves you.

(commanding her to imagine it)(and note the ambiguity of "someone wonderful"..WHICH someone?)

But if you could envision the possibility and feel it opening now before you, drawing you irresistibly forward, how powerfully could you feel that urge to read on and learn more?

(linking the feelings to the behavior I want, which is KEEP READING)

If these words have moved you...

Then perhaps you are the special, imaginative, fun-loving woman for me and perhaps we are already on the way

( other words, ***I**** am not sure about ***YOU****...***YOU**** must prove yourself to ***ME****)

to being able to meet and feel a special connection; a connection based not just on getting what you want, but moving beyond what you want into what could deeply fulfill you.

(AHH... this is good: the CONTRAST principle. Introducing the idea that what she WANTS isn't really what has deeply fulfilled her and INSTEAD... she must seek something else! Appeals to the unmet need in virtually EVERY woman! And it is vague enough that SHE will fill in the blanks and ascribe the answer to that need or needs as being... ME... and therefore guess who gets to DEFINE THAT FOR HER? ME!)

Me... I am open to that special, adventurous, athletic, in-shape woman who can show me she has a sense of purpose to her life and a sense of humor and play to her soul.

(Who can show me... again, SHE must meet MY challenge!)

A woman, not a girl,

(Hmmm... ANOTHER challenge: are you a girl or are you a WOMAN who can decide for herself what is attractive? Or must you pick someone the other "girls" would approve of?)

who is open to new learning,indeed even thirsts for it, but also has her own mind. A woman who longs to share with someone special; someone who will be her friend and lover, partner and adventurer, who will make each day together seem like the first and each moment together filled with that sense of a timeless and indescribable connection.

(deepening and returning to what she will experience with me by further description)

Do You Remember??

Do you remember when you were a little child and you went to bed expecting tomorrow to be a rainy stormy day?

(I'm aiming at doing a few things here with this and the next few lines of languaging: I want to by-pass the cynical adult who may be reading this and age-regress her to the little girl who can believe in "true love". And I'm going to use a universal experience to do so.....)

But you woke up the next morning and to your delight and surprise, you looked out to see a brightly shining sun, and not a cloud in the sky? And you realized, "Hey...this day is MINE to make happen?"

(Here I help her to recapture that feeling that anything can be hers... to give back the sense of possibility... NOTE: women eat this example up in person as well... use it and see for yourself!... they will often COMPLETE the story for you!)

Imagine sharing those feelings every day with someone who truly understands, along with the passions only adults can create and share.

(Two things: Now that she has the feeling, I get her to future pace enjoying it for a long, but unspecified time (every day) and also I am introducing combining this child-like sense of wonder with ADULT passions... creating a NEW possibility! Thus I demonstrate I CAN create new feeling states in her... the very thing I am claiming I CAN do... so now she has an experience of the claim being true!)

More About Me...

I'm 6 foot 2, athletic/slender, dark hair, dark eyes and I am very pre-occupied with stimulating and intelligent conversation

(Another challenge: do you have a brain with the body and face, honey, or are you just a dumb bimbo!)

while I love travel I believe the greatest adventure is to explore one's passions.

(Ah..contrasting exterior travel with the INWARD journey!)

I define true passion as not just lust in the moment

(She's certainly ALREADY had that before with OTHER guys... so she's following along...)'s not even when you are touched so deeply that you find you give all that you have.

(Wow..really? It's rare for her to even have THAT, but what this guy is offering is even MORE? I GOTTA KEEP READING!)

It's when you are touched so deeply you find things coming forth from you that you never even knew or imagined could be there.

(Whoa! You mean love with this guy will TRANSFORM me into someone new and different? Let me feel things I NEVER could with anyone else? WOW! He's rare and special!)

Can you feel that.....would be an amazing thing to experience with someone?

(Telling her to feel it)

ME: I'm not a doctor or an attorney but quite a successful self-made entrepreneur involved in the human potential movement, so you'll learn lots from me about spirit and mind as well as body! I must be with someone adventurous who LOVES to learn new things and is longing for an amazing new direction.

(Some fluff and descriptions of me... then I put in the demand that she be willing to learn new things, which is TRUE and also yet another challenge. And then the ambiguity about AN AMAZING NEW DIRECTION (NUDE ERECTION)

[One shouldn't mention not being an attorney or a doctor though. Why create a potential opening for a feeling of disappointment when there's no need to deviate from the path of keeping things constantly upbeat and positive - "ME: I'm a successful self-make enterpreneur..." etc. And the weasel phrases (new direction -> nude erection) - they have almost zero chance of being effective when read. Seeing the words "new direction" will literally make an image of a new direction in your mind (you might imagine a sign, or a road, or someone pointing in a new direction with his/her hand etc.) while the possible phonetic ambiguity has no chance to interfere anywhere during that process]

Someone who can decide on her own what SHE uniquely finds desirable, magnetizing and attractive based on her own deep feelings and needs.

(Translation: if she DOESN'T find me attractive, it is because she can't think for herself! ANOTHER CHALLENGE!)

Not because society would approve. Not because her friends would validate it. Not even because it is what she is used to or expecting or based on seeing her "type" or what is "typical", because maybe what is typical hasn't really made you very happy in the past.

(A truism AND a play on words between "type" and "typical" that will UTTERLY destroy the "not my type" objection!)

But because she is ready... truly ready... for something beyond what she really even thought could be possible. Because maybe feeling that amazing opening is the link between the girl inside the woman, and the woman inside the girl.

(A way of making her even more open to suggestion: if it is beyond what she really even ****thought**** could be possible, SHE cannot define it, and must accept things as ***I*** structure and define them. Accepting this creates a "blank slate" of suggestibility. Then the ambiguity about an "amazing opening"... do I mean "opening" as in Vagina or the act of opening inwardly... plus the languaging of linking the girl and the woman recaptiulates the freedom of the child with the power of the adult... reinforcing the previous state I evoked!)

What I Like...

I'm strongly into touching, and intense kissing (electricity)... that first, soft brush of the lips so soft you're not even sure you're kissing yet, and it's as if all the passion..all the fire that will be experienced in the relationship is enfolded in that one, first, soft, special kiss, just waiting to be explored and made real.

(Here I am eroticizing things but in an acceptable, poetic way by dwelling on that first, amazing kiss... getting them to have some nice body feelings too! Somaticizing it to make it more, even MORE vivid and REAL!)

It's that moment where time stands still and yet in that one moment, there is an eternity of experience to be explored. It makes your knees weak and your heart soar and every part of you comes...alive...awakened...ready for whatever will come next.

(Deepening the state by more describing!)

More For You...

I am willing and able to learn from you just as I am willing and able to teach you many new things. Moving forward together in life, longing for this amazing new direction. Feeling totally excited with permission to not only be who you are, but to totally explore and accept the person who is even NOW emerging.

(AHHHH... there's the rub... creating TWO of her... the OLD her with her "fixed" ideas of what is attractive, acceptable, desirable... tasty... and the NEW her... who she will discover through accepting MY suggestions, feeling totally alive with the PERMISSIONS ***I*** GRANT HER!)

So if perhaps you are this woman, 21-39, with a touch of poetry in her soul (and a bit of a naughty mind), then maybe you can feel surprised at how much you'd like to meet and learn more.

(Then again, she may not be surprised at ALL at how much she wants to meet and learn more!)

Please understand that looks are not enough; I truly seek a person with a good, strong philosophy of life, a high-self esteem, a sense of fun and adventure, a love of life and learning and a great imagination (so very important!).

(All 100% totally true requirements of mine and also MORE tests for HER to pass! If she responds at all, SHE'S ACCEPTED **MY** FRAME THAT I HAVE SET THAT ***I*** am the prize and SHE must work for ME!)

Please also have a good sense of humor and play, and a love of all things sensual (if your skill with your lips matches your luck with your looks then maybe we already have something amazing in common!)

(A bit of boasting here by asking if SHE can give as good oral as I can...)

Does This Sound Too Good To Be True?

Sometimes in life, we get hurt and let our disappointments or past experiences block us from holding out hope...hope that real love with real people can be possible.

(Ok...right about now, I want to destroy/innoculate against the "This is too good to be true objection"... so I VERBALLY PACE IT FIRST... this is usually a great match for what she is thinking and so it ADDS to the power of what I have been doing! Wow! HE UNDERSTANDS! VERBALLY PACE HER ONGOING REALITY, BOTH EXTERNAL AN INTERNAL AND YOU CAN POWERFULLY INNOCULATE AGAINST ANY POSSIBLE OBJECTIONS AND INSTEAD USE THEM TO OVERWHELMINGLY INCREASE RAPPORT!!!! THIS PRINCIPLE WILL MAKE YOU A REAL "PUA" INSTEAD OF YOU WANNA-BE GINZA BABIES!)

But behind all that...behind all the cynicism and hurt...the let-downs and the "not quites" is the part and the person who believes.

(Ahhh...the fact that part of her may not believe is only PROOF that there IS a deeper and MUCH more willing part! The doubt you WERE feeling is the VERY reason AND signal to go inside and BELIEVE TOTALLY!)

The one who believes in love and being loved for who you are. As you listen to the message that one is telling you right here, right now...NOW what do you feel just might be possible, if you reach out and make this yours?

(Create or re-energize that part and she will, from this alone, feel so wonderful, alive and NEW that she'll want to jump ya out of sheer gratitude and how great she feels... note also the command into ACTION... dont' just feel it, but "reach out and make this yours... by following the instructions in the next paragraph! So I give the command and then the specifics of WHAT TO DO!)

Here Is Your Next Step To Take...

Got pics? show me yours, I'll show you mine". No pics? Then don't ask! I don't mind younger women (21+) and have dated/enjoyed a few, but you younger gals, don't write me if you can't sustain the excitement; thrilled to be your teacher but not looking to be a babysitter!

(I'm DESTROYING the age objection by telling the youngsters, "HEY..DON'T WASTE **MY*** time "girls" unless you can be a WOMAN with me!)

[But he is also destroying the illusion he has created by shifting from romantic and poetic "feelings" language he has been using so far to arrogant and slang-style talk here - "got pics? show me yours, I'll show you mine. you younger gals" etc. Of course he has to filter out the willing but immature, but the way he goes about doing it might also scare away some of the willing and mature]

So my preference is 27-39, please! (If you're hot and flowing with life, a few years older won't matter either!) Piqued your interest? Good! How strong can you feel that building before you RESPOND AND EMAIL ME at pau***l@in***.com[ ? ]

(Link the feeling TO THE ACTION! THEY MUST TAKE!)

Of course, you don't have to email me right away; you might want to take a few minutes to feel the excitement and anticipation or even read this page over a few times before you email me.

(A false what I want now or wait a few minutes and DO WHAT I WANT then!)

Then you can look back on it and enjoy the satisfaction you feel as you look forward to receiving my reply!

(Future pace them feeling great ALREADY HAVING ACTED!)

(And of course - ALL of this can be used in other contexts and formats)

[all words] [any words]

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