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Cameron Teone - Attract Women Anywhere : How to build RAPPORT Quickly.

"How to build RAPPORT Quickly." / July 25th, 2006

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Cameron Teone is a well known dating coach with a focus on natural game» instead of memorizing routines. Cameron conducts "Field-workshops" where he accompanies men to various social venues to demonstrate and provide live feedback on how to meet, approach, and date women. He is the author of Building Attraction Secrets.

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How to build RAPPORT Quickly.
by Cameron Teone of Cameron Teone - Attract Women Anywhere
July 25th, 2006

How would you like to know the secret of building rapport rather quickly and easily?

Have you seen some guys who just seemed like mechanical robots?

Perhaps you are stuck in analyzing every minute detail of the interaction yourself?

I receive a lot of email from guys and a lot of these emails fall into various general categories. One category is that of the beginners who have recently read Neil Strauss' book, "The Game."

They have now started approaching women. I commend all these guys for having started the process of becoming better at attracting women and doing something to get this area of their life handled.

However, many of these beginners fall into a huge trap.
That is the trap of rigid structure of trying to implement some tactic every single minute they spend talking to a woman.

As a result, their interactions suffer in the long run, because women can sense a weird agenda, and to further complicate matters, a lot of these guys don't come across as real people.

Look, it's good to have some structure. It's also important to understand the basic process of human social interactions.

However, when your mind becomes too convoluted in theory and when your entire thinking is one long obsession algorithms, then you are
not having any fun.

You are also not projecting a lot of emotion. When your analytical part of the mind goes to overdrive, the emotional/expressive part of the brain slows down.

Some of these emails sound like this, "I was half way done
establishing Rapport, but then instead of talking about option A, I talked about option B, and I went from step Z to step Y when clearly I should have been going to step X."

Hey guys, it's not that complicated.

So many guys become wrapped up in trying to establish rapport.

Rapport, in essence, is two people talking and mutually enjoying the conversation. It's no different than you and your friends sitting around having beers and talking about mutual interests/hobbies.

You don't try to force comfort. That by definition is not comfortable.

It's forced. It's like having a war to establish peace.
You're still at war.

So the interactions suffer because guys are running a play from their playbook. It's like you're playing a video game, and now you're jumping to the next level to fight the big boss.

One of the pitfalls that community guys fall into, is that they become obsessed with their playbook. In fact, they become so obsessed that they treat the process of human interaction as a video game.

Avoid that trap.

The issue with this, (Aside from the fact it's somewhat sociopathic), is that it makes it tough to establish rapport with women as well as men. It makes it difficult to create rapport with women or even make friends with other men.

So what can you take away from this?

When it comes to establishing rapport, EASE BACK, and treat it as though you're talking to a person you've known for 5 years.

Here is an exercise: Forget about asking the phone number.

Forget about worrying when to ask, if it's the right time to ask, and/or how to ask for the phone number.

Again, when establishing rapport, behave as though you're talking to a buddy you've known for 5 person.

**How would you sit besides someone you've known for 5 years?

**How would be talking to someone you've known for 5 years?

**How would you behave around someone you've known for 5 years?

Do just that when you are establishing rapport with people.

If you can't relax, the woman can't relax.

If you are relaxed, she will relax.

You being at ease will in turn put them at ease as well.
I can almost guarantee it'll improve your interaction with women.

Try that and let me know what happens! See what positive changes you

Wishing you the best,
Cameron Teone

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