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Ross Jeffries - : 7 Tips To Supercharge Your Speed Seduction® Success!

"7 Tips To Supercharge Your Speed Seduction® Success!" / May 11th, 2007

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Ross Jeffries is the creator of Speed Seduction» and is the father of the modern seduction businesses. Featured in such publications as Playboy, Rolling Stone and "The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists" and many others, Speed Seduction» and Ross Jeffires are two of the most well known names in the Seduction Community.

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7 Tips To Supercharge Your Speed Seduction»® Success!
by Ross Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 11th, 2007

Part of learning any new technology is understanding some basic principles. So here are some tips that I have found have helped many clients with the initial Speed Seduction» learning curve. Remember, a huge part of Speed Seduction» is learning to use your language to...

Capture and Lead A Woman's Imagination and Emotions!

As I have taught again and again, whatever you can get a person to imagine will be perceived by them to be their own thought, and thus will not be resisted. Women especially like to be led by their imagination and emotions! Then, and only then, will they give you the behaviors (love, sex, etc) that you crave and want. Remember, women want good feelings, and all of the tools and language patterns in the Speed Seduction» Home Study course are geared toward either doing this or gathering the information you need to do this.

Tip 1: The patterns are examples, NOT rules. Many students think that unless they present the patterns to women, word for word, that they won't work or get results. THIS IS JUST 100% FALSE! The patterns are only examples..very GOOD examples..of the kinds of communication that turn women on. They give you the structure. But they aren't meant to be rigidly or exclusively followed. Learn from them HOW they work, and you'll be able to quickly create your own patterns.

Tip 2: Women enjoy the patterns, so forget about being caught. So many beginning clients feel like they are doing something wrong...a small minor crime like picking a pocket or stealing a wrist-watch when they approach women to do the patterns! Hey..the patterns are designed to make women feel wonderful! At the very least you are brightening her day and doing her a favor and at best turning her on unlike anyone else ever has! So far from feeling bad, you ought to excited about the gift you are giving her!

Tip 3: Practice the patterns outloud! The patterns are meant to be SPOKEN, not read! You can't really master the tonality and tempo unless you practice OUTLOUD! THIS STEP IS CRITICAL!

Tip 4: Take a little bit each day! Speed Seduction» is like learning a whole new language and a whole new way of thinking! Be fair to yourself and master it all naturally as it comes! Take your time and just do a little bit every day! You'll be shocked at how much you master in just a few weeks time!

Tip 5: Pattern Flow Is Important! One of the most crucial skills isknowing how to transition from one pattern to another! In one letter, I explained how to make flash cards to quickly learn how to flow from one pattern to the next! If you haven't done that...DO IT NOW!

Tip 6: Understand The Conversational Set-ups! Patterns are hard to use if you don't know how to introduce them and bring them up in conversation! For each pattern you want to use you ought to have at least two ways of bringing it up! I cover this in several of the Newsletters, so if you haven't got them, all the back issues are in the back of the workbook in the Basic/Delux Home Study Course.

Tip 7: Practice Your Closing! So many guys have told me they've run patterns but when it comes time to closing the deal..they are stuck! Well, as I have said, if you want a result, you've got to rehearse it! So prepare your closes in advance so they flow from you naturally and without thought when you need them! Along those lines, here are some EXCELLENT

Close #1: Why don't we continue this somewhere else and see how much we can enjoy each other's company?

Close #2: It's too bad you're not the type of person who can imagine being together, feeling and doing all the things you love to feel and do..for all the reasons that make sense to you..but as you think about it just like that..doesn't it just seem that spending some time together is something we have to

Close #3: So..what steps would we have to take in order to make sure we can talk again?

Close #4: I have an intuition..and I don't know if you can imagine this as I describe it..that when we get a chance to talk without time pressures or interruptions...we'll really enjoy each other's company..and I'm wondering if there's a number where you feel comfortable having me call you.

Piece and Peace,

~Ross Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»®

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