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Ross Jeffries - : Get Off Your Seduction A**

"Get Off Your Seduction A**" / May 11th, 2007

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Get Off Your Seduction A**
by Ross Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 11th, 2007

One of the keys to success in anything is getting your big, lard-coated butt INTO ACTION!

Look: from time to time, in my 15 year career teaching all of this, I've met students who have memorized every word I've ever written, yet when I ask them, "Have you actually USED this stuff?" I hear things like "Well, I'm planning on approaching a girl next week or so".

Listen: I want YOU to be a doer. Even if at first things feel a bit unfamiliar or uncomfortable, GET MOVING.

In fact, I am going to give a secret, right here, right now, that will skyrocket your success in any endeavor; whether it is seduction, making money or excelling at anything.

Here it is:

Don't Wait Until You Are Certain Or Comfortable Or Confident To Give New Ways Of Thinking And Acting A Fair Effort!

You see, so many people walk through this life, barely really alive, because they cling to what is FAMILIAR.

The problem is this: if you want to enjoy results far greater than what you are used to enjoying, you have to DO behaviors far different than what you have been USED to doing. You also have to THINK thoughts far different than what you are USED to thinking.

Doesn't this make sense? You don't have to stretch very far to pick the fruit that is already in reach.

Now, fortunately, I've created several products to help you get past fears, phobias and nervousness and enjoy some pretty amazing clear, calm, powerful feelings with women, right away.

Even so, some of what I teach is going to feel odd, strange and different.

Get going anyway, and the rewards will be incredible. And you'll be able to say you are truly living, instead of just passing through life.

Now, here is an email from a student who APPLIED these lessons:

"Hey Ross,

I had a great weekend. Met about 7 or 8 women. My aim was just to go out and have a chat, not get, numbers etc, but because I wasn't out dodo that, I ended up kiss closing one of the girls. (The only one I was really interested in).

We mainly just chatted, I used one embedded command on her "YOU are LIKE ME...". I've mainly been doing the unstoppable confidence tapes, now I can focus on the language etc.

I hesitated a lot the first time, but it got easier from then. The first one, I actually didn't act until the girl left the bar. I walked out and said "You leaving? But I never got a chance to tell you how beautiful you are... now, I guess you'll never know". She laughed and we had a chat.

The others, I just went up and made a funny comment.. like "you reckon that guy spends a lot of time maintaining his hair?" (pointing at arasta with big thick deadlocks).

They aren't that scary!!

I'm just glad this is becoming a thing of the past and now I can start using more SS stuff.

Thanks Ross, the UC tapes, and the Breathing Exercises are a Godsend.

Also practicing this stuff in an altered state makes a MASSIVE difference.

John E."

John, the credit goes to you for doing this stuff instead of just thinking about it.

Thanks for the praise for the Unstoppable Confidence Tapes. I created those way back in 1994, but they are still one of our student favorites. I can still remember every day, driving to a recording studio in Orange County, about 45 miles each way, and thinking to myself what a great product it was going to be. I KNEW I hit the nail on the head, even as I was making it. I have a fond attachment to that tape set, now also on Ross Jeffries -» CD" onmouseover="window.status='Click for more info on Ross Jeffries -» CD'; return(true);" onmouseout="window.status=''; return(true);" href="/cgi-bin/redir.cgi?">CD of course!

Piece and peace to all of you, and for God's sakes, make your life count and DO this stuff!

~Ross Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»Â®

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