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Ross Jeffries - : Going For The First Kiss

"Going For The First Kiss" / May 11th, 2007

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Going For The First Kiss
by Ross Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 11th, 2007

Here is an important question I got the other day via email.

"Hi Guys

It's midnight on a rainy Monday in old London Town. I've just got back in from an evening out with a very attractive young lady and I'm a bit frustrated.

I met Cath last year on holiday. When we first met we quite fancied each other, but by the end of the holiday, for various reasons, we weren't seeing eye to eye. Relationship at this point was purely platonic.

We met up again and I ran several patterns from the Home Study Course.

At several points when she was in trance I leaned in and she responded very favorably by smiling and leaning in to me.

At the end of the evening I walked her back to her car, gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and we agreed to meet again.

All well and good? If that's the case why do I feel like I managed to capture her imagination but didn't lead it very well?

It seems to be a bit of a theme with me at the moment. I go out, meet quite a few women, get into great conversations with them. Steer these towards SS themes but don't seem to be able lead them to places which let them feel interested or comfortable enough to want to go any further.

I sort of feel like I'm sooooo close. But not quite there? I'm managing to put myself in a scoring position, but can't quite create the opportunity to put the ball in the back of the net.

Suggestions, support and encouragement most welcome.

TR London, England"

Ok, TR. Good going, so far. You are using patterns and getting some strong, favorable responses.

Here is where you screwed it up:


What is this stuff about waiting to walk her back to her car?

You have to learn to strike while the iron is hot.

If you see her leaning into you, that's a huge NON-VERBAL SIGNAL that is screaming out: KISS ME, STUPID!

The more important issue is, you seem to be putting Speed Seduction»® through a dating framework.

What I mean by that is, even though you are using the patterns and getting great responses, you are still thinking in terms of traditional dating when it comes to making your move.

You are still thinking you have to wait til the end of the evening, etc etc.

Get that traditional "dating" programming out of your head.

When you capture and lead a woman's imagination and emotions, they will be ready for action, far more quickly than you would ever get through traditional dating.

Peace and piece,

~Ross Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»®

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