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Ross Jeffries - : How To Get Any Girl Steaming Hot, In MINUTES!

"How To Get Any Girl Steaming Hot, In MINUTES!" / May 11th, 2007

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Ross Jeffries is the creator of Speed Seduction» and is the father of the modern seduction businesses. Featured in such publications as Playboy, Rolling Stone and "The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists" and many others, Speed Seduction» and Ross Jeffires are two of the most well known names in the Seduction Community.

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How To Get Any Girl Steaming Hot, In MINUTES!
by Ross Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 11th, 2007

In the last issues, I laid out the basic operating theory of Speed Seduction»: that women have internal, subjective "recipes" for love, lust, chemistry, attraction etc that they run on themselves quite outside of their conscious awareness.

I pointed out also a that this "process" produces the "feelings" that they base their actions, decisions and choices on when it comes to us poor horny men!.

Therefore, as smart guys, we are no longer going to be fooled by "dating" thinking or "dating" questions which entirely ignore this vital information about how women get "feelings" and what is really important for us as seducers to think about.

So instead of being what I call A.F.C's(Average Frustrated Chumps) we are going to learn to enter of the world of Speed Seduction»® and learn to rapidly trigger these internal feeling recipes that produce these feeling "states" so we can quickly and easily enjoy power, choice and variety with women most guys just have to wish and long for.

The key then is to ask the question: What kind of "states" do I want this woman to experience with me? And how can I trigger these states using my language: the themes I talk about, the stories I tell, the descriptions of my experiences I give, and the questions I ask?

You see, one key secret to getting a woman to undergo all her internal feeling recipes or "states" is..


Yes, my friends, old Guru Ross clears up another mystery here: by talking about "feelings" women tend to unconsciously trigger their internal feeling "recipes" or processes, which
then of course..

Makes the Feelings More Vivid And Real!

For men, talking is mostly about conveying a message or information. It can be the same for women, but much the time, talking is their way of unconsciously triggering these "recipe" programs that run outside of their awareness, so they can..

Enjoy These Intense Feelings Again!

What I am saying here is that there is an actual ongoing brain process where-by the language centers of the brain, when triggered by speech, somehow stimulate or cause her internal feeling recipes or processes for love, lust, atraction(or any other strong feeling state, positive or negative) so that these processes get run again and she can have the "feeling" experience.

Hey..I just explained TWO mysteries: why women are so "into" their "feelings" and why they love to talk so much! Nobel Prize, anybody?

Ok. Let's now give you a peek at some of the actual Speed Seduction»® tools you can use over coffee, on a first meeting, or wherever you find yourself talking to a woman.

The first tool I want to introduce you to is conversational set ups and themes.

You see, it usually isn't considered normal or socially acceptable to launch into immediate discussions of have women experience "attraction" "chemistry" "connection" or "lust".

As important as these experiences may be, you need some way of introducing them into conversation so you appear to be a normal, non-threatening guy.

So let me introduce you to some key part of the Speed Seduction» framework. In the brief example below we'll talk about conversational set-ups, quotes, embedded commands, priming
patterns and trigger questions. Used in combination, these can get a woman to unconsciously run virtually any feeling recipe/state so she has the resulting feelings that will lead to the behaviors you want.

Conversational Set-Ups

Conversational set ups allow you, after just a bit of small talk, to bring up those themes, subjects and topics that are far more likely to trigger these "states" we are after in a woman: deep rapport, comfort, connection, fascination, lust, desire, chemistry etc.

Again, they let you avoid the taboo against discussing such things right off the bat or discussing them directly with someone you just met. And you can't just walk up to a woman and command, "YOU WILL FEEL LUST FOR ME".

A good way to bring up these "heavier" topics is to use a pattern called quotes. Quotes involves simply quoting a conversation or topic that you were having with a friend, or something that you heard in a Ross Jeffries -» seminar" onmouseover="window.status='Click for more info on Ross Jeffries -» seminar'; return(true);" onmouseout="window.status=''; return(true);" href="/cgi-bin/redir.cgi?">seminar or read in a magazine or saw on t.v.

Quotes allow you to naturally bring up almost any topic in a non-threatening way. Why? Because you aren't addressing something to her directly. Just quoting what you said or heard said. So it is less threatening.

Also, we tend to use this pattern in language naturally all the time ANYWAY, as in, "Did you hear what Ross said to Rachel on "Friends"? etc etc.etc. The unconscious mind tends to recognize patterns of communication more than it does actual content. So if it feels to the unconscious like a natural pattern of comunication(quoting someone else) then the actual content becomes a lot more acceptable.

So let's say you want to trigger that subjective "state" in a woman that involves feeling like there is a wild adventure- a real opportunity she has to act on RIGHT now or she'll lose it forever.

Here's how to use quotes to bring it up,

"You know, I was having the most interesting discussion the other night with an old friend I had not seen in years(Conversational set-up, quoting you and your friend)

The next thing we are going to do is use a bit of language I call a "weasel phrase". Weasel phrases just set up the person to make a deep search of their inner experience without making it seem like you are giving a direct command.

You can't directly say, for example, "I command you to go inside your memory and remember what it is like to feel something and then feel that way with me".

Instead, when you use the weasel phrase "have you ever" it is actually a command but it sounds like an innocent question.

For example, if I wrote, "Have you ever read something and it just seemed so fascinating, you realized you want to learn more/"

It's actually a command to go into your memory and recall it, but it is much easier to disguise the command into the form of a question about your experience because that way you don't
resist it.

Make sense? Let's continue with our example

"By the way, HAVE YOU EVER just had a friend, and you could just FEEL SO COMFORTABLE…FEEL SO CLOSE(embedded commands-giving her commands to feel comfortable and close by bringing up the situation and hiding the commands inside a description of the situation-sneaky, isn't it). You could just FEEL LIKE YOU CAN SAY ANTHING?(another command to feel free to talk).

Notice here we threw in a few suggestions and commands: FEEL SO COMFORTABLE. FEEL SO CLOSE. FEEL LIKE YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING.

We didn't suggest or command directly. We hid them inside that "have you ever" weasel phrase-something that looked a question about her experience but was actually a command to go inside and search her memory.

Sneaky, sneaky, I know. But it works. Onward.

"So we were talking about how sometimes life presents an opportunity..and you realize that if you don't take the opportunity to have an adventure, you'll lose it forever.(focusing in on the topic now)

Ok. Now we are going to use a "pattern" or priming example: this is a description of your experience or someone else's experience. It is designed to "prime the pump" and begin to activate the structures of her brain and mind that produce and run her "recipes" as we discussed in the last newsletter.

"Like for example he was telling me how he had a chance to take a police car for a joy-ride..and how he could just FEEL THIS EXCITEMENT(another command embedded in your story) and it
was just like this other part of him came out and he had to take this ride."

Note that little bit about "take this ride"-said with the right tonality it becomes a piece of sexual metaphor. This a way to help guide the "recipe" process towards triggering something that will produce sexual feelings. Note that it is not guaranteed to do this, by itself. It is just priming the pump. A start.

Now we are going to use "have you ever again" again to get her to talking. Why? Because please remember it is by talking women revivify and trigger their most intense and important feeling processes/recipes.

When she talks about her processes and "recipes" and experiences, she can experience the intense feelings we want her to have, and then we can link them to us.

Using "Have You Ever" A Second Time

We've used "have you ever" once to begin to prime her memory. Now we use "have you ever" again but this time it will activate those feeling recipes and processes by getting her to talk about them.:

"So I think because you can learn a lot about a person from that, have you ever had an experience like that..where you just had to go with an adventure that was in your path…take a ride that just seemed so irresistible?"

What have we done here? In just a few minutes we:

1. introduced a topic, guided her memory and imagination for a very important and powerful feeling "recipe" and process

2. gotten her to talk about it to revivify it and make it real again, all in what sounds like an innocent and completely normal conversation.

Not bad at all. Considering you can learn to do this in a 20 minute conversation, and you begin now to see the potential for unleashing your love life!

One more point: when you watch a woman as she describes these experiences, you will see her begin to strongly have these feelings. Often her face will flush, her breathing will get heavier, and she'll get what I call DDBL or the..

Doggie Dinner Bowl Look!

This is an expression similar to the ones my Dalmations I had as a kid would get when I would show them the can of dog food through the window so they knew it was feeding time!

Now, once a woman is experiencing these strong feeling states in your presence, because she's running her internal"feeling recipe" it's really only a short matter of time before you are baking your brownies in her oven(to use a metaphor again!).

Remember: women act on strong feelings. As long as the feelings are there, as the end result of her running her internal "recipes" she will not in any way realize or know how they came about.

She will only feel them, feel happy they are there and feel glad that you will be feeling her in all those ways her nice guy "friends" will never get to.

Ok. I don't want to overwhelm you . The study of using conversational set ups, quotes, priming patterns, embedded commands, command questions and other tools-this study is the
core of Speed Seduction». But do go out and try some of this stuff and you'll be shocked to see it works and works amazingly well.

Just remember a key rule: Speed Seducers never communicate just to be flapping your lips. Communicate with an outcome in mind so you can direct and trigger her feeling "recipes" in the direction you want, you the result you want is what you get!

Til next time,

Peace and piece,

~Ross Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»®

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