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Ross Jeffries - : I Told You So!

"I Told You So!" / May 4th, 2007

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I Told You So!
by Ross» Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 4th, 2007

I Told You So!

Dear Speed Seduction»® Student,

I've been told by some of the people who know me best that, at times, I can actually have something of an "obnoxious" personality.

Can you believe that anyone would think that of your dear, sweet, modest, unassuming Guru?

Oh well…..people's lack of understanding and insight truly abounds!

Anyway, one of my allegedly more obnoxious traits is to crow about it and get all puffed up when someone who doubted me comes to see that I am right!

Now, I have to say, that when students are first exposed to my material, often times….

..They Are Filled With Doubt!

I don't take offense to this, really. What I am teaching really is radically different from the trite dating tips, "pick up lines", seduction advice and "men as bullies or beggars" scenarios that are offered up on this Information Super-Highway we are enjoying. So you ought to be at least a little skeptical when something truly different comes along.

Most radically different is I teach that things like "vibe" and "energy" and "mind to mind connection" are not just sloppy New Age, airy-fairy fantasies, but that they actually are powerful, practical tools that work! Tools that can take a guy who has been stuck in his left-brained, internal-dialogue way of thinking and help him produce radical change.

Now, one thing I teach a lot about is the power of breath and guided intent to make you much more attractive to women and it pleases me like crazy to hear from guys that I am right.

To that end, here's an interesting story from a student that I think you will particularly enjoy, especially about one VERY unusual result that even I never expected!

Dear Ross,

I too have the Fear into Charisma Video (along with 70%of your stuff-lol)

I've done so many of the exercises (fire breath, inner circle, bouncing ball, etc) I don't know which one is responsible for the attention anymore.

The result is that I have a highly charged state all the time -- A girl who wasn't that into me showed up unexpectedly after a rehearsal late Monday night, and she got me to spend some time with her.

Another nice side effect is that my senses are now heightened, meaning that I can sense when a woman is checking me out. I had no idea I was that attractive until I felt that..."cord of light, going from me to three other girls."--lol! Seriously though, girls are approaching me despite of myself.

I can also now sense if a girl is "ready" -- (it happened twice so far, and still freaks me out)there's an energetic surge between the solar plexus and the groin area in my case.

In both instances,the women were very excited(and leaking s*xual energy) when they were talking to me.

I find the Magickal Self ritual to be very powerful. The inner circle version along with the fire breathing has yielded incredible results. People in my circle now view me with certain awe and respect (my sister-in-law has a crush on me-lol!). I have never been happier in my life.

Inigo Sibayan
London, England"


Wow. I knew the Fear To Charisma stuff worked to get girls, but to get your sister-in-law to have a crush on you? Given my sisters-in-law I'm not sure I would even want that!

Now, if guys can get their mothers-in-law to have a crush on them, I'd make a friggin' fortune.

In any case, congrats on having the guts to try on some things that are totally new and different, but as I am fond of saying….

I told you so!

Anyway, good luck and keep going with the awesome success!

Peace and piece,

~Ross»»» Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»»»»®

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