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Ross Jeffries - : Just Then, The Hot Girl Looked Up At Me

"Just Then, The Hot Girl Looked Up At Me" / May 11th, 2007

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Just Then, The Hot Girl Looked Up At Me
by Ross Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 11th, 2007

One of the toughest jobs I have as a teacher is getting my students to get past their old ideas of what is "possible" and "normal" with women, and try some very new stuff that may feel a bit strange, but actually works like crazy.

Listen: if you really want to make huge leaps in any area of life, then the key is not to keep doing what you have been doing or things that are very close to what you have been doing.

That will just keep getting you what you have been getting.

No, the key to huge leaps forward is to do things that may feel a bit unfamiliar, even a little strange. Because it is THOSE things that are so different from what you are used to DOING that can…..

Bring You The Results That Are So Different From What You Are Used To GETTING!

Doesn't that make sense?

So, now that I've convinced you(at least a little ways) to try on something new, here is a fantastic email testimonial I just received:

"Hey Ross,

I wanted to share an experience I had a couple of months ago.

I had just received the Fear into Charisma video and I watched it before going to school.

I thought the main exercise was really weird but I tried it anyway.

About an hour after the exercise I arrived at school. I really wasn't thinking about women, until I noticed one girl kept staring at me as I was walking down the hallway. She looked like she was fascinated by me.

A couple of minutes later I needed to grab some books at the library. As I walked into the library a hot girl walked past me. I didn't pay much attention to her until I turned to my right and I noticed that she was still looking at me, it was like she couldn't keep her eyes off me.

I was getting the attention from girls I haven't normally gotten before.

But the weirdest thing was yet to come.

I was looking for a place to study when I walked past girls buried in their books. One girl was really hot and as I walked past her it was like more then just my attention was going into to her. It may sound new age/California but trust me I'm a down to earth, give me a big juicy steak (as you would say, Ross) and no tofu kind of guy.

But it was like our energies were intertwining. At the moment I felt our energies where totally intertwined I felt a little tug in my solar plexus.

At the some moment the hot chick looked up at me wondering what the f**k was happening.

I have to say, this is totally different from what I have experienced before, but it is awesome anyway!!!

I was wondering how I could make something like this repeatable? I do the Fear to Charisma exercises every day.

Etiënne van de Leur Maastricht, The Netherlands"

Hey Etienne,

First of all, congratulations on challenging your own skepticism and actually getting off your butt and doing what I TOLD you would work!

Yes, it IS a weird feeling when this stuff that seems impossible actually, truly works!

But you'll get used to it, expect it and enjoy it!

Now, to answer your question: to make the results repeatable, do the exercises every day. If you don't want to fully do them, at least do a short version, every day, and a few days a week, do the full blown Monty. The Fear To Charisma stuff doesn't take more than 10 minutes anyway.

Finally, I must take you to task for one small thing: once you have these women noticing and even approaching you, use the Speed Seduction»® language stuff to close the deal, my man! It's great that these women are looking at you, longingly, with lust in their eyes, but you STILL have to take action and work the plan, my man.

If you are stuck on what to say to get it going, check out my fabulous: Gold Walk Up Ross Jeffries -» DVD" onmouseover="window.status='Click for more info on Ross Jeffries -» DVD'; return(true);" onmouseout="window.status=''; return(true);" href="/cgi-bin/redir.cgi?">DVD/Video

Come to think of it, these two products make a fabulous combination for a guy to radiate incredible attraction without even opening his mouth and THEN knowing exactly what to say to meet the girl and get moving straight to the bedroom door!

Piece and peace,

~Ross Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»®

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