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Ross Jeffries - : More Attraction Secrets Of The True "Alpha Male"

"More Attraction Secrets Of The True "Alpha Male"" / May 11th, 2007

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More Attraction Secrets Of The True "Alpha Male»"
by Ross Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 11th, 2007

Much has been written and promoted by the now dozens of Ross Jeffries impersonators and imitators on being an "Alpha Male»".

These clowns think that by teaching YOU to act like a High School boy cross-bred with an "insult" night club comic, and a little gene splicing with a Hollywood B-Movie "caveman", you will actually get hot, great quality women in your life.

No..I'm not kidding. In fact, one student who attended a Ross Jeffries -» seminar" onmouseover="window.status='Click for more info on Ross Jeffries -» seminar'; return(true);" onmouseout="window.status=''; return(true);" href="/cgi-bin/redir.cgi?">seminar by one of these neo-macho ding-dongs wrote in to tell me about it. Here is his email, edited slightly for spelling:

Hey Ross!!!

I'm glad and very thankful I received your newsletter on the nature of the "True Alpha Male»" when I did.

You see, I've been recently studying the methods of these imitators. There is this underlying principle that these, "so-called evolutionary-psychologists" are teaching at these Ross Jeffries -» seminars" onmouseover="window.status='Click for more info on Ross Jeffries -» seminars'; return(true);" onmouseout="window.status=''; return(true);" href="/cgi-bin/redir.cgi?">seminars, and that is to BE A MAN!!!

What is to be a man? According to them it is part of our DNA a preprogrammed genetic code (that makes us Superior beings) we are given at birth and carry with us throughout our lives.

What these 'gurus' say is that we must bring back the dominant "Alpha Male»” within us, care less of the responses and information we get from her, and somehow seem COOL and Sly by
demonstrating this technique of being obnoxious, cocky and funny.

An example would be to call the girl names and to push her around, smack her ass, give her a raised eyebrow, etc.

I don't dig on most of the stuff they teach because it really fails to demonstrate a genuine compassion and curiosity for the other being. You see Ross I believe what makes a man IS
that ability to SHUT-UP, and listen to what the woman has to tell you!!! They will reveal deep information to you when you ask questions that evoke and elicit their deeper processes.
Instead of acting like little kids in a playground why not have a REAL CONVERSATION? Hell isn't that the whole point of getting to know another person regardless of their gender?

I must say that I've had far more AMAZING results by using your methods than by using the methods of the imitators. In fact I must say it's better to have an arsenal of H BOMBS to throw at her than to have one little crappy firework or mysterious magic trick.

Another thing that I noticed is these guys talk like they're jocks from a local High School who just moved into a frat house of a university in the middle of Nebraska. Nepatali C.

Dear Nep,

Well, what can I say about all these imitators? As my mother used to tell me, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

My real objection to all this "Alpha" crap being thrown around, is that it represents a "dumbing down" of an approach to women, whereas Speed Seduction»® represents the smart guys way to
getting getting into their MINDS to get right into their hearts and pants!

Now, the imitators and impersonators essentially say you can and even should IGNORE the unique woman in front of you, and just act in a pre-programmed way that will automatically attract all women by appealing to some unproven genetic "instinct" when you ignore her, treat her like crap, and insult her at every opportunity(I'm not kidding..this is really what they are

The irony in all this is that the actual facts of evolutionary psychology point out the opposite is true: that the Alpha males of our closest genetic relatives, the great apes, actually do very little chest-beating, bullying and throwing ape-turds around. They more often groom the females,
cuddle the babies, share gifts of food, and otherwise act more like politicians than the local bully down at the school yard.

More importantly, as I keep saying, the key to women is understanding each woman's unique, individual "recipes" for attraction, desire, lust, connection, etc. You can't do that without knowing how to listen and knowing how to bring up the right topics of conversation, along with setting a good lead. In other words, you have to use your brains.

Now look: there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING wrong with being confident with women and setting a strong lead. In fact, I teach how to do this and always have taught it.

But there is a difference between the IMITATION OF CONFIDENCE and REAL CONFIDENCE. The first is just about acting like an idiot (and sadly, some women with very little self-esteem can't tell the difference)

The second means knowing when to lead and also knowing when to listen.

The idiots can keep choosing to act like idiots. You and I will keep choosing intelligence. We'll see who wins and keeps on winning.

‘Til next time,

Peace and piece,

~Ross Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»®

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