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Ross Jeffries - : More Fantastic Boyfriend Destroyers!

"More Fantastic Boyfriend Destroyers!" / May 4th, 2007

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More Fantastic Boyfriend Destroyers!
by Ross» Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 4th, 2007

One of my favorite all time sports legends was Muhammed Ali.

Now, I am old enough of a fart to remember Ali boxing, in his prime.

Back when he was a young fighter, he was so fast, so unpredictable, and had such amazing reflexes that you could actually see the moment when far more experienced, polished fighters simply mentally "gave up".

You could see the "I quit" look on their faces way before Ali actually knocked them out.

It was as if they were thinking, "Dammit, I've tried EVERYTHING on this guy and nothing is working. Even my best tricks, that always work, are doing NOTHING! What do I do now?"

In a sense, dealing with beautiful women can be like this, but the good news is YOU can be Ali.

Here is what I mean: very lovely women (and even their uglier sisters) often operate on "auto-pilot".

This means they are SO used to being hit on by the average frustrated chump (AFC) that populates this world, that they have just grown sick of it even listening to most guys.

So often a lovely lady will throw up, without even thinking about it, an auto-pilot "boyfriend" objection.

Now, as I have pointed out, when a person is on auto-pilot, if you interrupt that auto-pilot(or even pre-empt it) then for a few moments, you create a great deal of suggestibility.

It's as if, in that moment, you have taken away their script, and now they don't know what to do.

The good news is, if you know how to handle it…

You Get To Be The Director!

Now, when you get good at this auto-pilot stuff, it almost is something you HOPE they will throw your way. Just like Ali, waiting for his opponent to try his "sure fire" move, just so Ali could defeat it and crack the other guy's psyche!

So, here are some great responses to the "I have a boyfriend" objection.

Response 1: You don't need to convince me someone else finds you attractive. I won't make up my mind that way.

My favorite, this one is. Notice how it turns it around and makes it seem like SHE is trying to impress YOU.

Response 2: That's ok, I don't want to be boyfriend. I'd rather just relax and enjoy each other without the heartache and the pressures.

What does this imply? That her boyfriend causes her heartache and pressure.

Notice this is IMPLIED, rather than directly stated. If you state it directly, she can resist it. Remember my rule:

Whatever You Can Get A Person To Imagine Will Be Perceived By Them To Be Their Own Thought, And Therefore They Will NOT Resist It!

(A huge key to this is being vague and using implication, both of which are taught in depth in the Speed Seduction»® Home Study Course)

Response 3: Well, anyone even half-way attractive can be with someone, provided that's all they want. Anyway, what's your favorite place to go on vacation? (temporarily change the subject)

How does this one work? Well, it's a truism-anyone attractive CAN be with someone. But note how I IMPLY that the guy isn't the right one, but just someone she's settling for.

What girl wants to be stuck with that? And I don't directly attack him at all; I just IMPLY she is settling by how I say "someone"; you have to hear me doing this to really get it!

(NEVER directly attack her choice, even a bad one. It will only force her to defend it! Don't attack or argue about it!)

Response 4: Of course you do…well, if you discover he's not with you in the way you truly..want be..maybe we owe it to each other to talk(at this point I hand her my card).

Now, this is a sneaky little mind-bomb. In order for her to process this, she has to go home and start comparing HIM to how she TRULY wants him to be.

Now, what guy can stand THAT kind of comparison? Usually, unless he really is the right guy, he CAN'T!

In fact I've found women will usually call within a week, and about 30% of the time they report they've DUMPED HIM because they really thought about it and discovered he wasn't with them in that way!

Finally, note the low-pressure "we owe it to each other to talk". No pressure for a "date" or anything like that. It leaves it vague about what we will talk about. And "owe it to each other" IMPLIES an important connection is already taking place!

(You know, if I was a boxer, I would surely be a COUNTER-puncher; I'd wait for the other guy to throw first and make my RESPONSE my best shot!)

Isn't This Great? Do You Want ANOTHER One?

Response 4: Ah, boyfriends are like colds; you can catch one at anytime, but it doesn't mean you want to keep it. Besides, it's too much work to be a girlfriend or boyfriend. I'd rather dump all that..and just enjoy natural, easy times.

By now, I hope you are figuring out how this works. See how I use laughter to defuse it, and then imply she could enjoy something better, without ever agreeing to be her boyfriend? Sneaky, aren't I?

Ok. I've given you plenty to play with here, so you better write and tell me just how great these worked for you.

Peace and Piece,

~Ross» Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»»®

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