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Ross Jeffries - : Short, Bald, 37, And Ugly….

"Short, Bald, 37, And Ugly…." / May 4th, 2007

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Short, Bald, 37, And Ugly….
by Ross» Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 4th, 2007

Short, Bald, 37, And Ugly….

Dear Speed Seduction»® Student,

When I was a kid, I used to love super-hero cartoons and comics.

Even today, as a kid, I collect comic art and read a few titles a month.


Because I like the idea of having a heroic impact on people; helping them out of otherwise impossible situations. It feels great to know my work makes a difference.

Just how bad ARE some people's situations?

Here is an email I got today:

"Hello Ross,

I have been viewing your website with much interest, and I am impressed with the information you have posted.

However, I am not sure whether your material will help me as I have had no luck with women (even the average ones).

I am 37 years old,short, bald and ugly, and to date I have never ever had a girlfriend in spite of numerous attempts at approaching women. That's right, I have 100% failure rate with women.

Please accept my apologies for my negativity, but when you have been rejected every single time over the last 24 years, you may know how I feel.


Sebastian R.
Sydney, Australia"

Sebastian, I do have an answer for you.

But first, let me tell you a story about someone.

Imagine a guy who was so ugly, who hated his looks so much, that he never had a mirror in his bedroom from his teen years until nearly the end of his 20's.


Because he so loathed and hated how he looked and how ugly he felt when he looked in a mirror.

Imagine a guy who was so nervous around women, that he would literally throw up at the thought of approaching any, and on one of the few occasions he actually got a date, the date ended early when, right in front of the girl, he threw up on his shoes because he was such a nervous wreck!
Ok, picture this guy getting turned down so many times and being embarrassed to admit to all of his college chums that he was a VIRGIN when they were all getting some.

Sound bad?

How about only getting some twice, right before he left college, and one of those women being so ugly, he could barely get any excitement going, and the other telling him later that "she felt
sorry for him" and then having almost NO human female contact in a loving way for year after year after year, while his friends were always hooking up and his having to hide the shame of being alone and always losing.

Sebastian, imagine so hating your body that you didn't even want to get naked the few times women did offer it because you felt so hideous, you tried to keep your clothes on or do it in total

I can introduce you to this guy, VERY easily, because he's typing this sentence.

That's right.

Everything I just talked about is describing what my life used to be like.

Was I exaggerating to make a dramatic point?

If anything, I was toning it down.

I cannot describe to you the dark hole of hopeless failure I lived in for decades of my life when it came to women.

I can remember picturing being in a deep hole in the ground and climbing out, rung by rung, one hand at a time, til eventually I would see the sunlight.

THAT is how bad it was. So I know where you are at. I also know all the twists and turns to get you out and anything that could be keeping you there (and how to smash it totally).

I can tell you that I have had students in worse places than you are currently at who have gone on to great success and fulfillment.

But don't kid yourself. It will take work. It will take effort(not struggle, which is work laced with emotion and fear: I will show you how to get rid of that).

But the results ARE there and maybe even faster than you would think.

Remember this: everything happens in this life for a reason. I believe that what I went through was to bring me to what I am doing now with my life and to offer solutions to those who are in the same kind of place I was in. It was a great gift and blessing that I was allowed to find a way out so that I could take it to others and helping guys like you makes the pain I went through totally worth it. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

There are no jokes or snotty comments in this issue. This is totally coming from my heart and I am here to swear to you: WE CAN HELP YOU. And when I say "we" I mean it: there isn't just me, but an entire world-wide community of Speed Seduction»® students you get to join who will be on the Internet, 24-7, in a special members only email group, to offer constant advice, encouragement and support.

Sebastian, you are NOT alone anymore. Just remember that. And help is on the way just as soon as you will reach for it.

I wish you (and all reading this) the best,

Peace and piece,

~Ross» Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»»®

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