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Ross Jeffries - : What To Do When She's Cold On The Phone

"What To Do When She's Cold On The Phone" / May 11th, 2007

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What To Do When She's Cold On The Phone
by Ross Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 11th, 2007

Recently, I received the following email from a member of the on-line Speed Seduction»® discussion group.(Yes, we actually offer round the clock, 24 hour encouragement, advice on support with and for thousands of Home Study course owners around the world! How's that
for backing up our clients and our products?)

Anyway, he asks about an important issue: what happens when a woman who was initially warm to you, suddenly turns cold on that first follow up phone call? Many guys blow this "test" and wind up walking away from some potentially awesome women and fun, fulfilling relationships. So let's hear what he has to say:

Hey All,

After learning SS for four months, I have gotten some pretty exciting results, specifically people react to me in a completely different way. I am able to get rapport and talk to women easily. Also, when I do two brothers, the ideal relationship (put it in my three fingers and eat it) and the energy demo, I generate attraction. I have gotten good at this and at generating big interest as well.

I met a girl at the coffee shop. After meeting her and talking for a long time (like an hour) and running a bunch of patterns, two brothers, energy demo, self pointing, massaging the back of her neck, etc. I got her really going. She was having fun, she like me, rapport etc. She wanted to give me her number and I get it.

But when I called her back two days later she was not interested in meeting. When I call her, what is the best way to take her back to our last meeting? What are the best things to say to make her go back to those states? What are the best things to do during our first meeting to make sure that she will want to meet up with me in the next few days? What is the best message I can leave to make her call me back and want to meet? (This assumes we can't just change venue. Of course changing the venue instead of getting her number is better.)



Good question, G.

Sometimes, people change their minds. It can be for ANY reason. You can do EVERYTHING perfect and still you will not get the girl; you will get good practice and a chance to polish your resourcefulness.

I also can't tell whether you got her on the phone or left a message, so PLEASE clarify and maybe I can help further.

Generally, if women are polite but seem disinterested, my response is, "Hey, no problem, no strings. I just thought you could REMEMBER THE FUN TIME WE HAD...and IMAGINE ENJOYING MORE..but, best to you, you have a good one."

No bitterness. No fear. No rancor. Just, ok, guess you just didn't get it or maybe you are just having a bad day.

Now, it is a DIFFERENT story if she is rude, and ice cold when I call. I've had THAT happen too, and it can be a shock when it is such a turn around from the first responses she had at the first meeting. Then my response is: "Wow...what a rude, cold way to have to PRETEND to be. Have a good day".

Then hang up. If she's just being defensive or insecure you've given her a chance to apologize and come round. Notice the word "pretend" which implies you think she's not really this way, but capable of better.

Understand, some women are super-moody. Some have an initial interest, but their fears of intimacy or their frozen nature just takes over. Some just think they are entitled to treat the world like crap. If she calls you back with anything other than an apologetic tone, hang up on her and write her off. Trust me, you don't need the trouble or bother. Move on with the gift of your skills and find someone more fun, more pleasure, less bother.

Make sense?

For you at home, reading this, understand that an important, but often neglected part of learning success with women is SCREENING. Learning to look for what you want and also what you will not put up with, and then sticking to you guns.

I will put up with women being ordinary humans, and, like all of us, having bad moods and bad days. That's just being wise and using your compassion.

I will NOT put up with women who are perpetually frozen, emotionally cold, think they are God's gift to men, have wild and frequent mood swings, etc

Remember as you move up the learning curve with Speed Seduction»®, YOU HAVE A GREAT GIFT TO OFFER. Don't give it or continue to offer it to those who rip off the wrapping only to use it for toilet paper.

Peace and piece,

~Ross Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»®

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