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Ross Jeffries - : Why "Closing" Her Starts The Minute You Approach

"Why "Closing" Her Starts The Minute You Approach" / May 11th, 2007

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Why "Closing" Her Starts The Minute You Approach
by Ross Jeffries of Ross Jeffries -
May 11th, 2007

One of the great things about learning Speed Seduction»®(and also one of the most challenging) is that suddenly, you find yourself in situations you've never or rarely experienced before.

Suddenly, hot girls want you.

Suddenly, girls you are hanging out with start showing you the signs they want you to "move in for the close".

Now, the challenging part is, if you are suddenly thrown into a situation that you aren't used to handling, if you don't have some responses prepared and ready, you might be stuck holding your "progress" in your left hand, wondering what went wrong!

So often, beginners ask about "closing" the girl, physically.
When do I make that big move for the "kiss"? What are the signs she is ready? Etc etc.

In fact, here is an email, I got on the subject:

"Hey Ross,

Last Sunday Night, I was using the speed seduction» technology with amazing results (srt, demos, stories).

I thought to myself wow If I don't make a hardcore physical move (kiss, coming on to her.) I'll be seen as more of a challenge due to me not looking hungry, I can wait to build things up and then isolate her back to my place.

Boy was I wrong, after I hit her with my arsenal I got turned down by a flimsy excuse, "oh i got to meet with my buddies for dinner at 7:00" when i was verbally trying to isolate her back to my place.

She never ever even gave me a counteroffer to suggest hanging out another time.

The whole sarge was going good and had her saying "more please" four times,then again towards the end it seemed like she was getting bored( I had a huge feeling it was because I didn't go for the kiss close/slash hardcore kino).

Now I think for most women that you need a more aggressive approach with calibration in the mix. I think you just have to go for it as soon as possible when you are seeing the signs, test closing throughout,with the mixture of kino and intruding their personal space. I personally think that if you don't, your setting yourself up to get used in a lot of cases.

So what do you guys think about this?

Another question I want to ask is that, does context play a huge part in going for a kiss close?

I know with speed seduction» your not playing the dating game at all, so for instance if I'm in open public and she's responding well to speed seduction» I should go for it no matter what, even if she has a boyfriend?

TJ(name and address with-held by request)"

Hey TJ

I think it is a BIG mistake to think of "closing" as something you do later on, as part of a sequence of events.

In a sense, closing can be viewed as ANYTHING that paves the way for further physical intimacy.


I'm aware that some of my "competition" teaches that these things take place in discrete "stages", and while at times it may be useful to think of it that way, the more accurate model is that, as a woman's emotions open to you, she can be ready…


Seriously, I have had women ready to "do the deed" within 20 minutes of talking. Others took a couple of meetings and a total of a couple of hours of time. Every woman is different.

Now, also, I would not divide "kissing" apart from other aspects of closing, but see it as a continuum with making her more comfortable with contact and touch.

I'll say that again, because it bears repeating:

Closing is not about "kissing" or "petting" or even intercourse. It's about none of these specific actions or events.


Touch of any kind builds comfort AND arousal, at the same time, if done properly( Again I don't accept the PUA philosophy that dives arousal and comfort into separate sequential stages-the
reality is, for most women, they happen simultaneously!)

Now, what I would NOT do is leave the "kissing" for the typical dating times: at the "end of the evening" or when you get her back to your place or whatever. Test for readiness and kiss as soon as she displays any non-verbal cues of being ready: giving you the "eye gaze" where she looks back and forth from one eye to the other, starting and you dreamy eyed, tilting her face to one side, etc.

Also, it is just NOT a "deal killer" if she isn't ready to kiss the first time you lean in. No big. Maybe she just isn't ready.

But I don't think kissing is really that "aggressive". Really, unless she's a prostitute and you are a customer, it shouldn't be that big a deal. It's a sign of comfort and wanting more connection as well as a sign of arousal and a way to build

What's the big deal, really? As long as you aren't slobbering and jamming your tongue down her throat, kissing isn't an automatic gate way to her nu-nu, nor does her initial refusal or reluctance mean her nu-nu gate way is closed.

Stop giving it so much meaning and she will too.

Hope this helps and til next time,

Peace and piece,

~Ross Jeffries, Founder, Speed Seduction»®

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